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After Scarfie leaving the other Fallout mod team, I have been having some issues.

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When Scarfie stopped work on the other fallout mod for HOI4, he was going to give me all the files. I was then contacted by the other members saying that they wanted to resume work, and asked if I would leave the mod files untouched not use them. I said that it was fine and that it was their mod. When they told people that Scarfie was leaving and that he was planning on giving the mod to me, I got quite a few messages. Allot of people were saying that I copied the other mod, and that nothing I did was original. This really hit hard as I have put allot of effort into this mod, and it is ruining my motivation. I say it is still ruining my motivation because people are still sending messages about this, and when combined with the stress of my GCSE's its not nice. I have posted this in a hope that people will understand what happened with me and the other mod, and to make the messages stop. If they don't stop then I don't believe I can work on the mod anymore, as it will get to stressful. Do note that it is not the other mods fault, it is simply people jumping to conclusions and not reading things properly.


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Sorry to hear about your stress. The work you've done so far is impressive, and I'd hate to see it stop. Good luck on your GCSE's, and on the mod!

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