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Main story, how to win, controls, How to put in English and site

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A government scientist is invited to participate in a secret research on an island.
An entire building was dedicated to research on a parasite that could control the nervous system of some animals.
But something wrong occurs, leak samples, research is compromised and the building enter in mode of "clean" (self destruction).
The scientist can survive, but now needs to find some way out of the island ...

How to win

You need to leave the island. For this you need the Walkie-talkie to communicate with the Navy.
When the Walkie-talkie has no signal, you will hear static sound. When you're near a place to sign the static sound will decrease.
When you are in an area with signal, you will hear a "beep" sound.


W, A, S, D or keyboard arrows - Movement
Mouse - Control the camera
Left mouse button - Pick up items and use knife.
Right mouse button - On / Off Flashlight
Space - Jump
Shift - Run

How to put in English

On the menu, click the second option: "Opções"
Then click English.


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Please Visit

Site: Salathielpp.com.br

Youtube video: Youtube.com

VectorX - - 5 comments

Opa.. jogo Brasileiro! Toda a sorte do mundo no seu game. Se puder da uma pasadinha lá no meu game: Warm Lands. :D

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