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A new trailer for Struggling, a physics-based coop adventure that lets your incarnate a pile of flesh with your friend. Two heads, Two arms, No legs, Lots of nonsense.

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A brand new trailer for the upcoming physics-based co-op adventure game: Struggling!

Ever wondered how it would feel to play as a failed cloning experiment? Wonder no more, Struggling is a physics-based coop game where each player controls one of the arms of a two headed abomination. Go on a ridiculous physics-based coop adventure and crawl your way through absurd encounters to meet the Abomination Gods and receive their blessings.

Here's the official trailer:

If you liked the trailer, you can wishlist Struggling on the Steam page!

In Struggling, your partner is more than just another character, he is part of yours. Get ready to operate a makeshift boat, escape a wildfire, ride a dirtbike and explore the world while sharing the body of a “charming” abomination with your friend. You will be struggling!



  • Unorthodox and unique way to play and move the character with your friend by controlling one arm each in a physics based environment.
  • A handcrafted and wild coop adventure starring the weirdest protagonist you'll ever have the chance (or bad luck) to look at and play as.
  • Go on a pilgrimage to find the abomination gods and earn new powers to become a supreme/less mediocre being.
  • Tons of exotic gameplay sequences using the coordination of both player controlled arms, ranging from wiring up explosives to operating a tank in a suburb.
  • Local multiplayer game modes where you can face another abomination controlled by some of your friends in which you compete in various trials.
  • Solo mode where you control both arms for a radically different experience.

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