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Clive has a new face, fully rigged for facial animation and lip syncing, something that has been long over due. So yes, the project is still alive and kicking. A Lot of what has changed has been under the hood, but the fun's just starting!

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News hasn't been posted since May of 2012! Has it really been that long? Well a lot has changed since then, anyone who follows this project may have seen the odd image upload every now and again.

Dragon Isle

Admittedly I haven't been updating as often as I probably should. There are several reasons for that, I won't go into too many details but since starting the project I've been holding down a full time job as well as doing the odd bit of freelance work. However that doesn't mean I've ever stopped working on Clive!

So after comparing my current work to the main model of Clive, things didn't seem to gel as well as they used too, the environments looked so much more professional that Clive did, heck when the enemies are more detailed than your main character, something is off! So after much deliberation the decision was made that Clive would get a makeover, this included a full remodel, re-rigging and re-texture.

I tried my best to keep the "character" but improve upon it, much as characters like Mario did in the transition from the N64 to the GameCube. This now has opened up the possibility of fully animated cut-scenes with facial animation and lip syncing (something that never could have happened before as Clive had no mouth!). Below is a test of the new model, animated to some random dialogue from Ferriss Bueller's day off.

The other thing worth mentioning is the improved environments. I've been working on updating the existing models and obviously creating new ones as well. I hope that this helps again with the cohesiveness of the world, but will eventually mean the player has a much more interesting game at the end of the day.

Dastardly Dynasty

As a last note, I will try my best to update this a i little more regularly , but I don't want to be in a situation upon release where there's no surprises! Thank's for sticking with us!


LOL, Clive's new design kinda reminds me a little of Conker

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I like how expressive the new model is.

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