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With Frictional Games' new "Amnesia" title coming out soon...

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With Frictional Games' new "Amnesia" title coming out soon, with it most likely adding several new entities, static objects, and several other things to use in level design, I will most likely make this a full conversion for "A Machine for Pigs", If able. But most likely it looks like its the same engine so there should be no reason as to why It can't be use in the current level editor tools.

I am still on the look out for people who can help me finish this full conversion, my 1st custom story "AUT: the beginning" may not have been the best in the world, as far as scripting goes, but for the level design I really wanted to make an environment no one had seen before, and at times it was a hit or a miss. The twisting hallway was the first idea I came up with and I believe I executed it very well, also the sideways room. But as for the one small outdoor area, I believe I could have done more, but due to my inexperience I did not execute it very well. If you have not yet played my custom story and would like to, go ahead and try it out and rate fairly. If you already played it and just outright hated it (mainly because of clipping textures, which do not bother me at all.) get over yourself... One more thing, I wanted to thank all those who enjoyed my custom story for what it was, and expect better things from me soon... (happy face) :D

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