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Some big stuff has just been decided and this mod will change it's shape from what we previously had in mind for the mod. This is not bad news cause it will not change our main goal, changing the experience of being a king.

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Hey guys, Craftan here.

On the 15th January I made a big decision which I want to explain here on this article.

There has been a major change of what the first release will hold.
So that's why I will post new updated features ASAP.
Let's begin to name the changes being made.

  • New scenario, Brytenwalda.

Brytenwalda is going to be played out in 636, focusing on England, Scotland and Ireland.
The time era is set after the death of King Arthur who we all know from the legends. Currently this scenario is being spent most time on and will be expected to be done somewhere in February. Current development is done by me, craftan. I have almost finished doing England and Ireland is next. Seeing how I have to fill the whole map with new holders and lieges I might think of making my own map for the British Isles only.
This will however force me to break one of my main promises: Not changing the vanilla much.
But this is not yet decided.

  • New provinces, Two currently.

I've started making new provinces, mainly for England.
Currently there is Exeter and Aylesbury and there is more to come.

  • New titles for duchies, counties and kingdoms.

Making new titles is currently taking the most of my time trying to make everything work.
There is a bug that I've been trying to solve over the past days.
This bug is related to either a script typo or it's because you cannot use one county for multiple duchies. If the last one is the case then I have to either remove the original titles or remove the titles I'm making.

So that's it guys.
Features will be updated as soon as I have made my decision.
FAQ will also be updated.
And expect 0.1 to be released either late January or late February.

If you want a deeper view of what is being done, then check out our progress tracker.

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