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Here's a few tips for Anyone wanting to give the game a try, as we don't yet have tutorial levels yet.

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A few tips for anyone wanting to try is out:

- The right trigger/Numpad 0(Accelerate/dive) should be released just before you leave the ramp, as you will then do a Bunnyhop and gain more height.
-Also press the right trigger again when you are at your highest point in the air, as this will make you dive down faster and gain speed.
-The Right Stick is used to do tricks in the air, but when you are on the ground, you select the transfer direction.
So when you are on the ground and push the stick down, the down arrow will appear at the bottom left, and you will transfer towards the camera the next time you leave the ground. You do not have to hold the stick, just flick it in a direction to select the transfer.
-If you push the stick left or right while on the ground, your rider will transfer over the edge of a halfpipe or quarter pipe(if it is possible)
-These transfer direction can also be set, in the same way, using the D-pad on your controller, or the numpad on the keyboard.

Please let me know if you are struggling with anything, and I will be more than happy to help! :)


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