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A tutorial to begin and understand the basic of the game. And a new version was released.

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The Teams

There are four teams on match, each have a city on the map corner. Also, there are the empty team, this team have a city in the middle of map.

The objective

Each team have five heroes and starts with one city. The objective in game is eliminate the teams by taking their cities. Each match have 45 minutes.

You win the game when:

- After the time out, your team have more cities than other teams

- Your team got all cities in map.

- Your team killed the four golems(more in later article)

The map


The map have five cities, one on each corner and one in the midlle. In each match, a new map will be generated. The city in the middle starts with no team, it only have a tower and some skeletons to protect it. There are four sections in map, each section have 3 differents monsters

Left top : Type Water

- Cornutus - Level 1
- Crab - Level 2
- SeaMonster - Level 3

Right top : Type Fire

- Ferret - Level 1
- Fox - Level 2
- Panter - Level 3

Left bottom : Type Grass

- Rat - Level 1
- Spider - Level 2
- Snake - Level 3

Right bottom : Type Ice

- Wolf - Level 1
- Bear - Level 2
- Tiger - Level 3

The Attackers

map attacks

Each city sends attackers(Villagers on begin game) to another city. In the map above, you can see which city send to which city. The city in the middle is a exception and it can send to all others cities. The atackers is sent each 30 seconds. If have a player from other team in city, or if the city that it sends is the same team, the attackers don't will be sent in this turn.

The conquest

To conquest a city, you must destroy their monument(an angel statue), after that, the team must stay in city area for one minute. If the same team, or another enemy team kill all your units before this time, the counter will be restart and another team have a chance to conquest this city

The Followers

tutorialYou can, and must, buy followers. This will be your group and will follow and help you. You only can buy followers only on own city. The first follower you can buy is a Villager, or a monster( depending the city). This followers can be evolved to others units and others class. You must have Evolute Points to do that.

The coins, Evolute Points and Experience

Each enemy that you kill will give you coins, EP and XP. Each 2 seconds you will receive some coins that depends how much cities your team have. With coins you can buy followers and items. With EP you can upgrade your group and with XP your hero will grow level.

The Items

There are many items that you can buy that will help you to win. In a future tutorial, i will show some items.

The game have six heroes today, in the next tutorial i will explain each one and your spells.

You can download the new version in the link bellow:

Everbattle beta - 0.2b - Windows

And signup in this link:

singup 1

Thanks for reading

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