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Post news RSS 8.1 in the works (EDITED 4/25/20)

ZX v8.1 is in the works already, but it's nowhere close to release.

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Heya folks! Just wanted to post something as a bit of an update as to the mod's status.

V8.1, the next release, is in the works at the moment. It's not gonna be a terribly big one-- I'm not exactly swimming in ideas or desire to put stuff in at the moment.

So far, the plans are:

  • Bugfixes, like always
  • A/V tweaks
  • Four new weapons, available to all classes.
    • the EMG Rifle, based partially on Eternal's EMG-spewing chaingun. Slot 6.
    • the Ballista, an Argent-fueled wave-firing crossbow developed from the Phalanx (based off of Eternal's Gauss cannon replacement, and its accompanying "Destroyer Blade" mod). Slot 9.
    • the Minilauncher, a heavy autorifle that shoots little explosive rockets for three bullets each. Slot 6.
    • the Autocannon, a very heavy automatic that uses multiple rifle rounds at once to fire high-velocity explosive shells (basrd on Eternal's heavy cannon). Slot 7.
  • A new class for both Classy and Classier Bastards, and a new weapon for the latter (a silenced pump shotgun).
  • A new HUD arrangement option in addition to the existing two. Name TBA, design fairly set-in-stone
  • A new monster, the Napalm Guy (found a way to make him work...)

By no means am I going to put a Marauder enemy in any time soon; there's enough difficulty to deal with in the mod, and besides, there's probably not gonna be assets and code for one of those assholes on Realm667 or the ZDoom forums for a while. Other enemies, though, might be forthcoming, if I can find assets for them that are any count.

I might find a way to put in Unwilling as melee fodder somewhere along the line. And, uh...I might also put in a mutator variable that mixes in a very iconic enemy from another series that...well, is already in the mod but only shows up in a very particular situation. He likes to scream his head off 'til he explodes.

(EDIT 4/25/20: The Crucible is, currently, no longer a planned weapon for ZX, though it may be integrated as a powerup instead somewhere along the line. It has been replaced in the plans by the Minilauncher. Further information added as well.)

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