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The Development and Quality Assurance teams here at CRS are rapidly closing in on deploying 64-Bit Open Beta.

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64bit Beta and Release Plan

The Development and Quality Assurance teams here at CRS are rapidly closing in on deploying 64-Bit Open Beta. Today we're going outline our general plan and help set expectations for release, but the short version is - we're aiming for the end of next week to start Open Beta. As a reminder, our first goal here is to make the WWII Online application(s) (PC and Mac) 64-bit compatible. This means that all Mac users who have upgraded to the latest OS can return and play WWIIOL, and it will future proof all PC users for the likely requirement of Windows have 64-bit clients. To our Mac users, thanks for your patience ~ we know this took longer than expected.This release will mark one of our most important promised deliveries from one of our funding campaigns. Please continue reading for more details about the Beta and release plans.


Today our team is creating brand new builds for the Open Beta client which will then be distributed. Our QA (Quality Assurance) team will then be doing a pass over conducting regression testing this weekend to once again verify that things are solid. Once this is confirmed, we'll have a larger internal presence to do some important testing Monday - Wednesday.


After our team(s) internally have conducted due diligence testing, we'll then allow for the general player base to download and login and test for Open Beta for approximately 1 week. We're asking that as many of you as you can conduct testing. Your client will install into a Beta directory, so you can login and play both the regular campaign and do testing safely.


Providing Open Beta went smooth and we're confident to proceed, we will look at deploying the new 64-bit client release onto the Campaign server. Much like what we did with 1.36 (Hybrid Supply), we'll have anywhere from 7-10 days of regular game play and a last chance opportunity to make any corrections necessary before inviting the masses back.


It is solely designed to make it 64bit compatible application and on day 1 you won't see much of a difference. There might be some subtle improvements with performance, but graphically things will remain as they are. Please set expectations accordingly. It opens the technological door for us to achieve more in the future like expanding current tech caps / limitations, but this will take additional engineering to fulfill.


We're requesting a boost in development support, consider upgrading your subscription to HERO BUILDER, and if you're a Mac user or other inactive fan, now is the time to report back in and support game development.

Manage and activate your subscription here. Account.wwiionline.com

Tutorial: How to update your billing method. Crs.zendesk.com

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