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As Campaign 172 continues the 64-bit compliance patch that will open doors to future updates....

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64-bit client is now LIVE and Campaign 172 continues! *UNLESS your computer is not 64-bit capable* use the 64-bit client. This is a 64-bit compliance patch that will open doors to future updates, and our MAC users can now log in with their newest operating system update. Welcome Back Soldier ends later today. All players on the WBS - please check your email inbox (or spam folder if you don't see it) for a special message from XOOM.

World War II Online Account.wwiionline.com
Version - February 2020

This release is the initial release for the 64bit version of WWII Online.


  • Adds the ability to create either a 32bit or 64bit game client
  • The game's credits have been updated with CRS staff changes

S! Cornered Rat Software

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