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Post news RSS *4/16-4/22* Weekly Update (Polished!)

This is a weekly update on what's new about our game after the busy development during 4/16-4/22. In general, we polished a lot on tutorial, the laser cannon, and other juicy effects!

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What's New?

The updates in our gold version are listed as follow:

  • Change the background music of our game using music clips composed by our freelancer - special thanks!
  • Rewrite the tutorial instructions using a more passionate and story-telling tone
  • Add color to tutorial instruction key words to make emphasis
  • Allow more buttons to go through main page
  • Add additional sound effects for cannons
  • Add cracks to submarine to indicate damage
  • Change the ready page pre-ready characters to all black
  • Add de-ready animation and sound effect for getting ready
  • Allow both right trigger and right shoulder to activate cannon
  • Adjusted particle system to world space
  • Add juicy effects to shield bouncing
  • Add effects to indicate the super cannon is ready
  • Add button hints next to the station for operation

What's the Motivation?

We would like to have you discuss with us on how to improve our game! To share our opinion, we listed the motivation on why we made these changes here. Note that each bullet point corresponds to a point in the 'what's new' section:

  • Thanks to our freelancer! We now have original music for our game.
  • We changed the tone of the instructions to create a passionate game atmosphere.
  • The tutorial is a bit long to read so we added color to key words to make them more friendly to players.
  • Allow both “square” and “X” button to go through main page since “X” is more intuitive to some players.
  • Juicy!
  • The cracks are mean to give players more intuitive feedbacks on the submarine health and current game state.
  • In polish feedback, some people think the shining edges are creepy, so we changed the pre-selected image to all black.
  • Juicy!
  • Based on playtest feedback, playtesters think trigger is a more intuitive button for shooting.
  • Based on polish feedback so bubbles are more natural.
  • Juicy! And we also want to prompt players to use shield often
  • Add more intuitive and direct indication that cannon is ready.
  • Players sometimes don't learn the control even after the tutorial - so we would love to remind them!

What's Next?

We are going to have the game shown on Tuesday, 4/22, from 6:45-10pm at Beyster. Thus we are planning to have the following quick changes:

  • Further apply music clips that composed by our freelancer teammate
  • Add a staff page in the game
  • Tune variable a little bit
  • Enjoy the showcase!

Thank you for visiting our site and please come and join us in the showcase! You can find all the information here: Facebook.com

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