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Post news RSS 3 new characters, one new monster and new FX !

We are proud to introduce 3 new playable characters in CHAOS! After this, we also presented the new monster: the DarkGolem and our improvement on the FX!

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First, the presentation of the final Guardian, the wip was already presented here:

Here are two new ones: The Priestess and the Archmage:

We wanted originality and dynamism of the Archmage, we believe we have succeeded. Priestess is the first female character, we are pleased to welcome among us! ;)

Now, here is the darkgolem, you will not encounter so often in the dungeons, but you probably will remember !

In addition to rework all animations, and design the new town, we are also working on fx, here are the first progress with this "little" screenshot!

We hope to publish soon a new trailer, so you can see the improvement from
release 2.3 to 2.4 !
Our team is very excited about making you discovering all that new stuff !

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