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WWII Online will be celebrating it's 20th anniversary on June 6th 2020. There will be a whole series of special player events starting June 1st. Each day will have a new scenario with prizes for recognition of the top individuals culminating in two days of convention webinars, all free including welcome back players, old and new who will receive access to premium account play during these events starting Sunday May 30th through Sunday June 6th! Secret announcements coming as well!

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chimmThere is roughly 5 weeks until we celebrate WWII Onlines' 20th Anniversary. As you can imagine, we have HUGE plans including several events, prizes, and a very special First Ever - Virtual Convention! This will be a historical event that you will not want to miss! Please sign up to each day below, which will be hosted through Zoom Webinar (all details contained on links). Do us a favor and share these convention links to fellow squad members and on social media, simply click the link and see at the top of each sign up page special links (including a direct e-mail option) to spread the word.



Before we dive into the details, CRS would like to thank everyone for your continued support. Every subscription, every DLC purchase has kept the game afloat - even through the rough times. We have said it before, "There is no gaming community as great as our WWII Online Community!" For this years' Anniversary we have scheduling things a bit differently than years past, and honestly, a few "things" have never been done in the history of WWII Online - prepare to be BLOWN AWAY!!!

Welcome Back Soldier!

Sunday, May 30th through Sunday, June 6th

All WWII Online accounts will receive premium subscription including inactive and free play accounts. Login and connect/fight with your old squad mates!

Join in the fun with Welcome Back Soldier free premium access!

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Anniversary Player Events

Anniversary player events will be conducted on the Training Server, June 1st through June 4th. The winner of the following events will receive a 20th Anniversary XXL gaming mat. Events will be live streamed/recorded on WWII Online social media sites. All times listed below are "Server Time" (US Pacific Time)

  • Tuesday, June 1st 10:00 AM - 11:00 AM "Poseidon's Wrath"
    • Naval destroyer event is open to all players
    • Allied players will spawn from Calais, and Axis will spawn from Dunkerque
    • Player with the most kills in 1 hour will be named "King of the Sea"
  • Wednesday, June 2nd 5:00 PM through 6:00 PM "Thou Shalt Not Cross"
    • Signup page will be posted (32 player elimination)
    • Lots will be drawn for individual matchups
    • Vickers vs 232 at Antwerp-Schilde FB and Rail bridge
    • Objective is to get your piece of armor, alive, across the bridge
    • Round robin until one tank stands
  • Thursday, June 3rd 5:00 PM through 6:00 PM "Ace of Aces"
    • Signup page will be posted (32 pilots elimination)
    • Round 1) 32 pilots, use Antwerp vs Gilze airfields. Spit 1a vs BF109E-1. Both planes use MG only
    • Round 2) 16 pilots left. Use airspace Knokke vs Vliss airfields pilots use SpitV vs 109F4
    • Round 3) 8 pilots left, use Reims and Etain airfields. Spit VX vs FW190a
    • Round 4) 4 pilots left use Montfaucon and Brussels. Pilots choice of aircraft
    • Round 5) 2 pilots left. Use Hatert and Aachen airfields. Pilots choice of aircraft
  • Friday, June 4th 12:00 PM - 1:00 PM "Last Man Standing"
    • Knife ONLY infantry event is open to all players
    • Players will battle in the historical Willemstad castle
    • Player with the most kills win the event
  • Friday, June 4th 3:00 PM though 4:00 PM "Grand Prix"
    • Truck race event is open to all players
    • Allied truck race will be held in a special "track" in Ameins
    • Track layout will be crafted with obstacles
    • Player who finishes first will be the winner

First Ever - Virtual Convention

Historically our Anniversary events were players gathered in game as CRS discussed and celebrated WWII Onlines' past and the path going forward. This monumental Anniversary will be conducted virtually via Zoom Meeting. Our virtual convention is free and open to all who wish to attend. Please note, the event items below is only a fraction of what is planned and all times are US Pacific time. Be sure to attend our monumental event!

  • Saturday, June 5th 9:30 AM trough 2:00 PM
    • Community "cocktail" time
    • Special key note speakers
    • Salute to our community/builders/etc.
    • WillyTee and other game highlights


  • Sunday, June 6th 9:30 AM through 2:00 PM
    • Community "cocktail" time
    • Special Key note speakers
    • Future of WWII Online


20 years in the gaming industry is rarely heard of. We have some amazing things planned for WWII Online and I guarantee you will be excited with what we have accomplished and what the future looks like!

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