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Hello everyone. At last, my friend and I finished the development of our indie action horror game "Rabbit Hole" and released it on Steam. We did a lot of work during the last 2 years, and I want to briefly share with you how we made the game.

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A bit about us:

I am from Belarus, the city of Mogilev. And my friend lives in Russia, in the city of Saint Petersburg. We met about 4 years ago online. And motivated by a strong desire to make games, decided to work together on our projects. We don’t have any programming qualifications. Just like the majority of indie developers, we learned to make games on our own. I am a tractor driver, and Nikita is an economist. So, this is our indie team. I am a great lover of Survival Horror, so, I suggested to Nikita that we make a game in this genre. And he agreed with my suggestion. These are the games that inspired us in creating Rabbit Hole. They are Silent Hill, Resident Evil, The Evil Within, Alan Wake, Last of Us, Days Gone.


About the game:

We decided to set the game in an American town because it’s almost impossible to buy decent assets that you can use to create a Russian setting. My dream to make a game about a Soviet post-apocalyptic world is currently lying on the back burner, along with my other dreams)

If we had decided to have the assets custom-made, then we would have had to attract additional funding, due to the size of the game. That’s why, keeping in mind the atmosphere we were seeking to create, we looked for assets that fit our vision of the game. Some of them we had to modify, and we had to design our own levels. Nevertheless, we still had to order some assets from freelancers. Also, money was spent on the translations, Russian voice acting, music, artists to create the banner, etc. So, we spent on the creation of the game about $4,000.

I previously released a game called The Story of Henry Bishop and its sales were decent. This game in my opinion turned out much better – a lot of cutscenes, a lot of voice acting, playtime is approximately 5-7 hours. We worked very hard to improve the project, relying upon our vision and on the player feedback (the game was in early access).


The plot of the game:

Shaun Turner has arrived at a small provincial town of Rabbit Hole, with the intention of visiting his daughter. The moment he gets there, Shaun realizes that something horrific has happened in the town. There are no more people, just empty streets filled with terrifying creatures. Now Shaun Turner must rescue his daughter and get out of this hell. But soon he will realize, that not everything is so simple, and the evil that he will have to face did not come to our world by accident.

As Shaun delves deeper into the town’s mysteries, he begins to learn more about the shocking circumstances behind the horrifying events that have engulfed the town of Rabbit Hole. Slowly, he uncovers the horrifying secrets, which the town’s citizens have kept hidden.

You’re going to visit many atmospheric locations, solve different puzzles and most importantly survive the onslaught of the many dangerous creatures that now inhabit the town. The plot advances at breakneck speed as it offers you the chance to dive into this baffling, mystical story made in the best traditions of Survival Horror.

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No matter how the game sells, I am going to continue to develop games. If it turns out to be a total failure, this will of course make me upset, but it will not break me and I will remain an indie developer. I love to play games, but making them is even more exciting. This doesn’t always bring a profit and often indie developers don’t earn enough to justify the time they spent on developing their game, but this doesn’t matter to me because time spent on developing a game is in my opinion time well spent. Even if by the end of a large project, every single blood vessel in your eyes has burst from the long, sleepless nights.

If you like the game, you can purchase it on Steam.
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