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Weapons updates, new characters, and where the beta is located

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I have added 6 new weapons to the fire class, dark class, and water class tomorrow I will work on the light weapons and explain in game how every weapon is different and how it can help you fight and easily defeat the bosses that come your way.

The 4 original characters that were made in the beta are now changed, and are actual character I have made from scratch

Jay aka Dragon first attack that he learns from birth is fireball its one of his weakest attack but can really pack a punch against the right enemy his final attack is a very special one which he transforms into his final form and burns his enemy from the inside out

The other 3 I have made have all their weapons in the classes I have made for them, but attack wise I need to create all their new powers and what is needed to achieve such strong powers on their command

The beta for EH is located at 2 places gamejolt, and Indie DB and both beta are in different places because not everyone has a GJ account, or a Indie DB account and in both websites the beta is only 50 cents and it has 2 hours to 4 hours worth of fun.

Indie DB - Vinxking.itch.io GameJolt - Gamejolt.com

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