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Today is the day that we finally release our next update, which balances the factions, adds new items and two whole new factions!

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We were absent for awhile for reasons such as College but we are back!

More information about the dwarves faction:

Very Powerful Infantry, Advanced ranged units but with low range, mediocre cavalry.

The Classes to be expected:


Erebor Axethrowers. Excellent short ranged attack with throwing axes but also the capability to hold their ground in melee.

Ironhills Crossbowmen. Dwarves are excellent in warfare and thus their crossbows can shoot repeatedly before having to reload, very powerful in short range, able to pick off multiple opponents, yet awful on long range.

Erebor Guardians. Erebor was the wealthiest of the Dwarf holds after the tragedy of Khazad-Dum, A.K.A Moria and for that the Guardians of the Lonely Mountain are armed to the beard with the best equipment they can craft. Holding a one handed sword, warhammer or axe with one hand and a heavy, steel shield with the other, they are a virtual wall against the enemy.

Erebor Ironbeards. The Ironbeards are one of the toughest dwarves in the lonely mountain, their beards turned grey thanks to their age and life-time of experience, and for that they are called the ironbeards. They wield big two handed weapons, from Halberds to Big Axes.

Ironhills Mattocks. Mattock-Warriors from Ironhills are renowned for their Orc-skull crushing in the field battle with their heavy mattocks, mallets, mauls and war picks. Truly they are to be feared by those who dare step foot to the wealthy steppes and mountains of the Iron-Hills!

Ironhills Pikemen. From the cold mountains of Iron-Hills, these pikemen have stopped many Easterling horsemen, but they can also hold any line within a formation of shieldwall [Thangail] or Phalanx.

Veterans of Erebor. Those who have witnessed the wrath of Smaug the Drake of the North, these veterans are as strong as their silver beards of old. Armoured in the best armor available to the dwarves, they are the greatest of their kin.

Ram-riders from the Iron Steppes. Only the most stubborn dwarves can tame a large Ram for battle. Able to take multiple hits that no stallion can bare, these Rams can trample as long as their rider is grumpy and unwavered.

Dwarf Lords. A lord of a great keep, toughest dwarves that lead, there is not much explanation to be served to those who want to learn more about the stubborness of the dwarves, a Dwarf Lord is on another level, riding a powerful Boar that can rip wargs to shreds, they lead the legions of Dwarves into the warm surface world.


Dale Archers. Archers of the Northmen are renowned for their accuracy and power, holding either a recurve bow or a dale warbow, they can pick enemies from afar and be gone from their sight with their agility.

Bardian Archers. Bardian Archers are the nobles of Dale who have taken the mantle of a Bardian, as the name suggest, Bard is known for slaying Smaug the Dragon and for that the still loyal and noble-bloods took up arms to follow the path of the slayer. Wearing heavy armor, wielding maces and morningstars and using a heavy bow for combat, they are a great heavy archer unit with excellent accuracy.

Rhovanion Retainers. Retainers from the plains of Rhovanion, the South-men were always great allies with the North-men, fighting alongside against the golden horde of Easterlings and Wain-riders. They wear heavy Mail and Large pointed helmets, armed with broadswords and square shields, they can take on almost any other infantry thanks to their valour and experience against fighting the hordes of Easterlings wave after wave.

Rhovanion Huskarls. Housecarls of Nobles, heavy and honourable, they wield heavy bills, partisans, long axes and long hafted blades. Excellent shocktroopers against the enemy infantry and a terrible target for the enemy cavalry.

Dale Swordsmen. Dalesman who took up arms to defend their city, there are plenty veterans of the great war in this detachment, armed with warhammers, maces, morningstars, falchions and swords. Holding a heavy Kite shield, they are quite invulnerable against archers in a shieldwall.

Dale Swordmasters. Trained with a longsword from childhood, these soldiers are excellent fighters who can fight for a long time with their big two handed swords, curved swords, large two handed falchions and greatswords, without tiring. Armed in heavy to be able to take few arrows before being slain. They are excellent Shocktroopers, doing a better job than the Huskarls of the Rhovanion but lack the punch against cavalry.

Dalish Earls. The Hooves of large stallions are always a welcoming sight in a battlefield, for they are of the earls. Armoured with plate thanks to their dwarven allies, holding a long lance, a longsword and a buckler, they are your average knights of the age and their thunderous charge can only be stopped by pikemen who know what they are doing.

Rhovanion Knight-Brothers. Rhovanion Knights aren't known for their charge but their efficiency of ripping through enemy cavalry and infantry alike.. Holding a very long sword instead of a heavy lance and riding the most powerful warhorses of Rhovanion, they can fight for a long time, trampling and slicing their foes apart.

Grandmaster. After the king, the Grandmasters are the ones who take charge of minor settlements. The days of cowardly Grandmasters are long past, for the future is bright for the people of Dale and their leaders must not falter. Armed with plate and a fine sword, the grandmasters have no fear.


Wow! That is all awesome :D
Hey, you could add one hero to each faction(like you did to Gondor with Faramir)
Dwarves-King Dain
Dale- King Brand
High Elves- Elrond
Silvan Elves- Thranduil
Servants of Sauron-Witch King
Men of the East- Khamul,the Easterling(he is a nazgul too)

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Himjar Author

We can try to do that.

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so what's the download link? FoM 1.5 [S]?

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Himjar Author

It's coming out in a few hours at most.

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