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Post news RSS 12/28/2015 Update and More!

With the school season coming around, development on Roma Universalis will definitely slow, but it won't stop!

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Happy almost New Year everyone!

The Joker here with another update on the Europa Universalis IV total conversion mod Roma Universalis!

Today I have released a small patch which should spruce up the game a bit, and I wanted to inform you guys of what's in store for the mod!

Today's patch

I have added a few more national decisions because previously, the game was barren of any! They are focused around the more "civilized" and "tribal" states in the game, the civilized being the Latin, Greek, Persian, and Carthaginian civilizations with the tribal being the Iberian, Gaulish, and Germanic tribes.

Additionally, some of the decisions have to do with the religion group that you are a part of; polytheistic/pantheon religions, like the Latin and Greek for instance, will get decisions after a certain tech level to organize the clergy in their realms. Likewise, pagans can choose to have decisions with the shamans of their realms and so on and so forth.

Roma Universalis 12/28/15 Update

Roma Universalis 12/28/15 Update

I have also changed many of the flags in China, with the flags accurately representing their names with respective Chinese characters. Other than that, only small bug fixes and typo fixes have been made, so it's not worth listing them here! The patch is able to be downloaded from the Steam Workshop here.

Plans for Roma Universalis

As I stated in the previous Successors news update, the plans for the mod are a bit ambiguous at the moment. However, I have determined the main avenues in which the mod needs improvement, namely:

  • national ideas for many countries
  • more countries!
  • more Germanic, Iberian, and Gaulish tribes
  • Formable nations like a Kingdom of Gaul or a Kingdom of Dacia are necessary
  • More government forms for both tribal and civilized nations
  • More tradenodes around the world
  • Development buff in Gaul, Iberia, and Germania and Scandinavia
  • Events for a Roman Empire
  • Events for the Punic Wars
  • Flavor and random events unique to Roma Universalis
  • Events and features regarding slavery

I have determined to focus on almost all of these points and they will be released in due time under a new, massive update. I have no release date for the update, but it will very well be into next year. College is starting up again and my time will be extremely limited, but seeing as how I like to work on the mod in my free time, I think progress will be made for sure.

In addition, with this new patch, I have decided to remove some of the non-essential items of the mod and make them optional add-ons in the Steam Workshop; this means that future releases will be smaller and more easily downloadable from ModDB and elsewhere. I do highly recommend to get the mod from the Steam Workshop, as that is the best, quickest, and easiest way for me to transmit changes of the mod to the community. Major releases will continue to be released on ModDB as a direct download.

Well, that will be all for today folks! Have a happy holiday and great New Year!

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