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We've got new features for 1.2. Power ups and artifacts should make combat more interesting and varied.

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So as part of the upcoming Steam release of Crawlers and Brawlers we've been working on a new patch, 1.2. We wanted to bring in a few new features that would help make the combat a little more interesing.

Power Ups

The first thing we've added are a few power ups that you'll get randomly from fighting enemies. We've got three power ups in game currently. They each allow you to play the game differently during their duration.

  • Damage Power Up
    • Lasts for 30 seconds
    • Increases damage done by 500%
  • Defense Power Up
    • Lasts for 60 seconds
    • Reduces damage taken by 80%
    • Heals character 100 health per second
  • Energy Power Up
    • Lasts 30 seconds
    • Character generates 100 energy per second
    • Skill cool down times are halved for duration of the buff


Artifacts are special item drops that modify your skills in some manner. Each character has 12 artifact weapons, allowing for 3 variations of each skill. These can be found during Crawl or Story game modes at any level. We don't want to spoil all of them, but here's a few of the artifact effects.

  1. Warrior slash skill adds a debuff that increases damage taken for 5s
  2. Wizard energy bolt drains energy.
  3. Cleric healing nova remains on the ground and heals characters over time.
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