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An in-depth explanation to the item system in RymdResa. How the items work and what you can expect.

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An in-depth explanation to the item system in RymdResa.


Every ship has six base item slots ( and two unlock-able slots). These can equipped with items you find in the game. Some of these items will require a certain ship others a free to use on any ship.

Items affect your ships statistics like: percentage to find items, quest bonus, speed increase, visual effect and shop styles. Some items have special properties that can affect your ship even further.


Every item has a quality level that range from useless to legendary. Finding an item with higher rank yield more and higher statistics bonus some only available at high level. Higher ranked items have better visual style ranging from only two colours to six colours items. Every item type have around nine to twenty icon styles per rank. With over 500 total icons in game.

Item types:

Have the highest potential of increasing your speed more than any other item types.

Change your ships visual style and layout.

Change the visual style and layout of your following arrow.

Generates an aura around your ship.The color is randomly generated for every aura. The brightness of the aura is based on the item quality, better items emit stronger colours.

Custom x2
Custom items have a good overall stats increase, often they are without ship requirements. These are the most common item found in RymdResa, but finding a good one can be hard.

Unlockable in chapter 2.
Shields protect your ship from harmful impacts. Taking a direct hit in space lowers the shield but you won't lose any valuable resources. The shield recharge rate vary from item to item. The colour of the shield works just like the aura. Better item quality means more shield power and faster recharge rate. Be aware thought some hazards might break through your shield!

Unlockable in chapter 3.
Orbs rotate around your ship often increasing stats like item finding and resources. Orbs live a life off its own and reacts when you take damage or find something good. Each item has a random chance to increase different type of statistics off your ship like acceleration, resources, quest bonuses. Legendary items can have special properties changing the fundamentals of an item. Finding an legendary item is extremely rare.

Finding items:

All items can be found from exploring, quests, special objects, shops, crafting, directly found floating in space and from using special items. Some items might even be guarded by rock formations or worse!Certain dangerous zones have a higher chance of spawning better items.

Consumable items:

Apart from equippable items in RymdResa there is consumable items. These items can only be used once after that you need to find another one, but you can carry a big amount of each. You have 4 active consumable slots on your ship these items can then be used in space. Most of them are made to help you on your journey others might even be used as currency.

A special consumable item used for fast travelling home in chapter two and three. Have a small chance of overheating and warping you someplace else!


RymdResa has a minimal crafting system that revolves around throwing items away. Once your inventory fills up you can't pickup more items. But you can destroy them and in return get some "scrap-points". How many points you get per item varies depending on the quality, rareness and statistics of the item. When you reach 1000 scrap-points you a crafted item is created. The crafted item can be any type of item. These crafted items have a the potential to be almost as good as legendary items. Often better then unique items, they also have the same chance of a mysterious stats like legendary items have. These items cannot be found in space.
May the luck be with you!

Here are some examples of items and their effect on your ship:

A rare style that change your ship appearance, and increase various stats, nice!

A crafted brown aura with a good amount of extra resources as bonus.

A really good Legendary follower.

A rare green shield with high recharge rate but quite low shield power.

A legendary style! This item have the mysterious stat "Black Widow" turning your ship into a special style and some huge set stat bonuses.

Items fill an important role in RymdResa especially if you want to travel longer distances without dying. Happy hunting!


Looking good!

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Thanks :)

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sounds interesting.

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Glad to hear that! ^^

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Looks awesome! this is my kind of game. When can we buy a alpha/beta for this?

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Sorry, I kinda missed this question :) But we're aiming for a release early next year :)

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