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Post news RSS 1.0.0 - We have a full game!

All levels are completed and the game is out now on itch.io and Steam.

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With the campaign done I can now call v1.0.0. Big thanks to all artists, audio designers, tool developers, and developer communities whose work and support got me here.



  • Last boss and ending done.
  • Stage 6 boss redone.
  • Your bomb can be snuffed out early by a certain powerful enemy.
  • Stage end bonuses scale up with difficulty.
  • Score cap raised from 8 to 9 digits so it won’t be hit as easily on Demonic difficulty.
  • Added high score saving.
  • Game pauses when controller unplugged.
  • Fixed remaining stage bugs.

What’s next

  • More playable characters.
  • More stages - timed challenges, missions, etc.
  • More and better graphics - more character animations, dialogue portraits, etc.
  • At least one console port.


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ss f10122dd7d8b9bf7b80d504e49dfe

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