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To show you how the game development is going on, here are ten new screen shots from UAYEB Episode 1, an adventure / survival game, based inside a post apocalyptic world.

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It was quite a while since the end of May, that I didn't update anything on UAYEB.
It's actually good news, and it means that a lot is going on in the game!

If some of you are waiting for the game, here are 10 fresh new screen shots, to thank you for your patience.

There are still a lot to do for only one person making the game, but it is on a good way. In the coming months I will be focusing in adding as much content as I can to deliver to you the best experience in Uayeb Episode 1.

Hopefully I'll be able to reach more than 20 hours of gameplay!

To support the project, please share as much as posible, like the Facebook page, subscribe to the Youtube channel and follow the game on Steam Concept, and don't forget to vote Yes on Steam!

- A fresh waterfall, let's take a bath!

Uayeb 042

- On the path to find a Mayan artifact. Do not touch the spikes!

Uayeb 043

- Inside a Cenote, a few more deadly traps and you can reach the gold!

Uayeb 044

- Still alive, would you take the golden Mayan artifact? Are you sure?

Uayeb 045

- Another day in paradise!

Uayeb 046

- That's all what is left of humankind?

Uayeb 047

- All I knew, is, gone...

Uayeb 048

- There are probably full of stuff to reuse in here!

Uayeb 049

- I'll be much faster for crossing the desert!

Uayeb 050

- It is so hot in here!

Uayeb 051

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cryengine at its best ,very good screenshots from the game !
gl&hf; !!

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Thanks for your wonderful messages!

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