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With this release we've finished all of the coding and content of the game. It's fully playable and play tested from start to finish. We now just have the last few graphics to get done and we will be ready to release 1.0!

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A new release of Asteria is available. It should auto-update next time you run the game. If it doesn't the latest build can always be downloaded at Store.playasteria.com

Here's the changes we've made since the last release last week:

Fixed Harpy Boss Cavedive.map Exploit
Removed Debug Messages
Enable download for everyone
Sprout and its projectile added.
Fixed high tier material mining levels.
Removed more debug statements.
More high tier recipe adjustments.
Added Refrigerant to Oberon.Map
Added Fuel Tank to CaveDive.Map
Finished Burrower Boss
Finished sprout.
Fixed Nuclear Reactor recipe
Disabled default item stacking for equipment.
Added direction constants to Utility.
Made dirt eater and creator not spawn randomly in overworld.
Fixed Burrower Boss
Added ReturnToOverworld menu option.
Fixed ReturnToOverworld mining tool issuing.
Implemented ReturnToOverworld multiplayer.
Reduced difficulty of burrower.
Bomber and its cheat sheet.
More work on Burrower and it's map.
Keys of the kingdom icon.
1 up icon updated.
Implemented Bomber Graphics
Added dual shot to Adamantium Mining Tool.
Renamed 1UP Icon.png.
Blaster Charged Version graphics
Removed overworld rift since it's on the menu now.
Refactored Energy Cell Recipes
Hooked up Charged Particle graphics.
Added penetrating flame drake.
Worked on final boss.
Reduce Fire Breath Volume
More final boss work.
Added light to Dragon room Vesuvius.Map
Removed hindering rocks Vesuvius.Map
Ultra portal seeker added.
More final boss work.
Improved final boss maps.
Fixed harpy exit.
Fixed Portal in CaveDive.Map
Finished final boss
Made crosshair bigger and more noticeable.
Cleaned up monster loot drops.
Added more particles to blasters.
Changed ultra portal seeker recipe.
Added credits to play menu to review end game text.
Improved end game text
Lowered Einsteinium requirements.
Fixed negative defense numbers.
Fixed health, defense and Regeneration.
Final Boss Tweaks
Made selected icons stand out more.
Fixed final boss stage three again.
Added boss fight music trigger.
Changed victory room music.
Tweaked final boss maps.
Changed platform recipe.

(0.9.6) Fixed player access to Level 7

The official forum thread for this release is at Forum.playasteria.com

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