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Music , Sfx and Floating Hands come together to make an interesting update !

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Further to the last video I posted(a good 30 days or so back) , I have started integrating the sfx and music that I received from one of the amazingly talented artists(Yeah that means you Luke !) that has been collaborating with me !

The audio levels still need adjusting but I like the direction its heading in :) In addition to that I really need to get to work on a new and improved water shader !

I spent the morning doing some more programming and replacing the blue debug sphere with a floating hand. The hand turns green when it is collides with a surface :) There is some glitchy movement in the floating hand when you walk over uneven terrain , that's because the source of the ray cast is the head socket of the player's character.I'll see if I can make a smoothed out version of the sockets vector :)

I also started implementing the custom inventory manager that I made a couple months back, it has a simple debug message representation at the moment but I hope to put together a slick and functional version using the floating hand (I have something sneaky in mind ;) )

On top of this I've managed to squeeze a few extra hours in this week to do more mesh detailing (I have the most amazing and patient girlfriend... EVER )

Last but not least I've got some more good news ! A very talented concept artist has joined the team ! He's a recent graduate of the Feng Zhu School of Design and is already hard at work , producing concepts and rotations for the rest of us to model from :)

Let me know what you think !

Best Regards and Much Love

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