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Looking for active testers. Before an alpha release, would be important to get some kind of stress test on. Server seems to be quite stable, but also need some information about how the server operates under more stress. Please contact me at Discord if you want to participate.

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Latest changelog:

-Changed login screen focus on password field when username is remembered.
-Fixed character freeze bug when talking to random quest npc.
-Fixed blinking and overlapping quest windows.
-Fixed quests wrong descriptions, speak text and progress texts.
-Fixed many exploits on quest returning.
-Fixed quests going totally messed up in database.
-Made fields and support for 15 different types of quests for a future use.
-Fixed quest system generally.
-Overhauled quest system basically.
-Added an option to dock/undock windows to main window when moving it.
-Added a feature to delete a character.
-Lot of improvements to account database structure.
-New quest database design and client side code.
-Database fields for logging account's failed logins, ip's and exact times of them.
-Enabled ciphering between clients and the server.
-Added an option to enable and disable FPS and Latency indicators (these are on stats window).
-Overhauled character slot system, more reliable, and fluid.
-Client now loads all maps from the server.
-Some particle effects for couple of spells.
-Character creation system remake.
-Fixed disappearing loot after killing a monster.
-Added few graphic indicators when hitting, missing, critting etc.
-Much clearer systray icon, also now it actually deletes itself quite often.
-Fixed bug when player got stuck until to next server restart when logging out in a dungeon.
-Fixed wrong global cooldown.
-Fixed spell cooldown indicators.
-Added training time bar under life, mana and stamina bars.
-Fixed boss spawning.
-Fixed bounty quest generation database saving.
-Fixed case when only 1 gold was shown in a loot, instead of a stack.
-Fixed wrong light level after you die in dungeon.
-Added Wrestling skill that increases your dodge chance by 2% per level.
-Remade other player characters memory handling (takes much less memory now).
-Fixed blinking mob names in combat.
-More lights!
-More LOS tuning.
-Tons of little fixes and adjustments.
-Font changes, generally switched to Georgia (Testing around).
-Added skill progress bar also on main window.

As in summary, now would be the time to test server under more stress, so everyone is welcome to join the testing. Just join the Discord chat at Discord.gg and give me a shout :)

-Ravenis, Hadelmia Developer

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