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This is RC1 release, and is very near of the Alpha release.

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Some latest news on the website Hadelmia.com

Brand new forums at Forums.hadelmia.com

Forums are great place to report bugs, give new ideas and ask questions.

Also don't forget Discord server, easy way to contact me.

RC1 Changelog

Version 0.4 RC1.41
-Game now saves windows's position and size.
-Fixed lot of UI problems again.

Version 0.4 RC1.4
-Fixed game screen refreshing while in menu.
-Fixed "speedboost" problem when switching antialias on and off.
-Added few different kind of CC's for monsters.
-Added info indicators for CC's.
-Fixed login screen mess when typing wrong password.
-Some UI tweaks and changes.

Version 0.4 RC1.3
-Fixed coordinate offset problem on moving system (added more realible check).
-Fixed server hang up bug when using public chat.
-Fixed server bug when it stopped accepting new connections after some time on idle state.
-Fixed perk and skill hints.
-Some tweaks to login time, it still takes about 30 seconds for some poeple to log in (wonder why?).
-Several minor tweaks and fixes on server side.

Version 0.4 RC1.2
-Windows flickering and overlapping fixes.
-Teleport system overhaul.
-Some checks to prevent incorrect player coordinates.
-Options savefile.
-Map loading optimization.

Version 0.4 RC1.1
-Launcher now remembers the last username.
-Better LOS in a forest.
-UI Fixes.
-Login server crash fixes.
-Fixed chat focusing problems.
-Fixed case when other players were visible out of LOS.
-Trade session redone.
-Unlogging related issues fixed.

Version 0.4 RC1
-First 0.4 Release candidate version.
-Some moving sounds for monsters and other players.

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