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i have just recently arrived.

it has been my dream, for a long time, to be a conceptual arist for a game. i am currently finishing my 12th grade on Arts, after which i plan on going to an university.

i would like to get a taste of how it is like to work as a concept artist, what are the challenges, how to present my work in a professional manner, and such.
all i need is a chance.

altough my main focus is Fantasy / Science Fiction / Medieval settings, i can be quite versatile.
i am decently skilled in traditional art, but not (yet) in digital, i'm still on my first steps there.
also, i have deep knowledge about weaponry, tactics, architecture, safety procedures and overall gameplay design.

i would like to work as concept artist for any indie game or mod, in order to expand my curriculum. i do not plan on making any money out of this, its just that - curriculum. being able to say "i was a conceptual artist for a videogame in the internet " before entering my first job would be awesome and truly improve my odds of entering a good company.

in case any developer reads this and finds it intheresting, let me know! i dont bite (much ^u^)

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