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Viro Move has been described as a Beat Saber / Box VR mashup but we like to think we have gone quite a few steps beyond these amazing VR fitness innovators.

Viro Sword Training
This is where the Beat Saber similarities begin and end. Our sword fighting routines are designed to help players build speed, increase reaction times and enhance overall flexibility and agility levels.
We engage rapid gameplay mechanics which motivate players to achieve full body stretches and fast side skipping movements as they pivot and strike their way through each sword level.

Viro Boxing
Our boxing levels are helping players to enhance their balance, stamina, strength, and power.
Additional focus is placed on powerful lower squatting step movements to aid lower body strength training. Upper body punching arrives fast and furiously while the lower body maintains slow precise movements.

Viro Shooting
These levels are for the cool-headed players, slow precise movements and forward-thinking are needed to dominate our shooting leaderboards.
Hand-eye coordination, reaction times, slow crouching and squatting movements are all brought into play by Viro Shooting.

Viro Weapon Master
Weapon Master is not for the faint-hearted. Arguably the probably the most dynamic VR Fitness game that has ever been created. Power, strength, agility, speed, movement, agility, hand-eye coordination this is the game where all Viro training elements get squeezed into a single game.
Players can activate the automatic weapon switcher or Viro Grand Masters might wish to manually activate each weapon while fully immersed in the action.

Free Game Demo
Viro Move is due for release on PCVR pater this year followed by Quest and PSVR in the early new year. Players can have a taste of the by downloading the free demo from steam: Store.steampowered.com

Already have the game and want to see how you rank against the world's best Viro Movers? Check out the global VR Fitness Leaderboards: Leaderboards-demo.viromove.com

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Discord Viro Army:
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