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This is so far the first and hopefully won't be the last thing where I fill you all in on what's happening in the indie gaming world. Please note that (most of) this was copy-and-pasted from my personal Google Blogger page; The original post can be viewed here.

ΩTH's Localization of sora Sucks!

This was very unfortunate, especially for fans of SUGURI and those who were hoping to see it's prequel get released in the U.S. and in English, but as it turns out, the localization quality of sora is terrible. ΩTH basically took this one under Rockin' Android's noses while they were busy straightening out some issues trying to get doujin games PlayStation Network at the time (and look how that turned out) and completely butchered the translation. The best way to sum their localization quality: REPLOIDS!

I apologize for those who bought their abysmal version of sora when it really should been Rockin' Android's right to localize it since they localized the SUGURI first before these idiots walked in and try to rip everyone off, the doujin developer ORANGE_JUICE included, and for those listening to me and not realizing this sooner. There may be a remedy for the problem though: If you sign this petition, you may be helping Rockin' Android reclaim what is rightfully theirs. Speaking of Rockin' Android...

Rockin' Android Featured in This Year's Summer Indie Royale

That's right, Indie Royale got a selection of titles going cheap, and Rockin' Android has got some shooters available, DRM-free, and redeemable on Steam and Desura depending on the game's availability on its respective service. The games Rockin' Android are featuring in this year's Summer Bundle are: Acceleration of SUGURI X-Edition HD, an updated re-release of the Senko no Ronde-esque shooter-meets-fighter spin-off sequel to SUGURI that was released to PlayStation Network and a few years back on PC as part of their SUGURI - Perfect Edition compilation (although it's also available individually on GamersGate, Impluse Driven, etc.), but the HD version does allow the option of choosing between the updated graphics of the PSN version or the original PC version, which a good thing if you're like me who went for the Perfect Edition compilation on PC instead because I personally don't like Keiko Sakurai's style of the character art (no offense to her though); and the Gundemonium Collection, a trilogy of shoot 'em up by the maker of Bunny Must Die: Chelsea and the 7 Devils that includes Gundemonium Recollection (a modern remake of Gundemonum a horizontal shoot 'em up released in the early 2000s), GundeadliGne (a sequel to Gundemonium/Recollection with co-op gameplay) and Hitogata Happa (the odd game out of the series being a vertical shooter and also a prequel to the series). Now this is not to distract you from other worthwhile games out there, you got Serious Sam, AirMech, and DinoRun SE on there as well. So for the early birds out there: Buy 'em while they're cheap! You only got until as of this writing and the time limit to get these games!

Rockin' Android Brings Doujin Gaming to Desura

Following up this Rockin' Android train, they are bringing doujin games to Desura, which is a good thing since they can spread more doujin gaming goodness to a wider audience. So far the available games Rockin' Android got under their belt as of writing are the games featured in Indie Royal's Summer Bundle 2012, but with time (and love), that can expanded into a wider selection of games. So if you got a Desura account, you can get these games individually if you want should you miss out on the awesome sale from Indie Royale.

Zeboyd Games Saves Penny Arcade Adventures Episode 3

If you haven't heard, the minds behind Breath of Death VII: The Beginning have worked with Penny Arcade to continue the four-part RPG series that was thought to canceled thanks to Hothead Games for abandoning the series (what a bunch of jerks), so they series has brought into a more of a 16-bit Final Fantasy-styled gamed, but that doesn't mean the game is any worse, in fact many are still enjoying it and you can get it on Steam or Xbox LIVE Indie Games.

Spelunky Comes to XBLA, After Years of Waiting

I hate to sound like a downer, but I thought this game coming to Xbox LIVE Arcade was never going to happen, but won't you believe it when it will hit the Xbox Markplace this week, July 4th, 2012 for 1,200 Microsoft Points (translation: $15 U.S. Dollars). For those of you that don't know of this game, it is a classic among freeware games being a mix of a platforming game and a rogue-like. You play as an explorer, going through many randomly-generated caverns, with many dangers awaiting to test your mettle. Even people in the caves may want a piece of you. Though if you're skeptical of blowing $15 for an already free game, you can still get the original game free of charge before you buy the remake.

Skullgirls is Getting an Update Patch

Skullgirls is obviously far from perfect, no thanks to time and budget constants and whatnot, but patch is coming to fix many of the game's issues such as the loading on the Xbox LIVE Arcade version, the audio glitching during online matches, improving the net-coding to fix the overall online quality and much more. There's a lot to go into this, so I'll leave you with these links to get an idea of what's going to be improved upon the patch's release:

Skullgirls v2.0: Early Patched Version of Skullgirls Part 1 and Part 2 - The Twitch
Near Final Skullgirls Patch Change List from Mike Z at The Mix-Up - Shoryuken

So that will be all for today. Gotta go and lay my head down. Peace...

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