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I'v been a Duke Nukem 3D fan since I played the demo back in '97. The hook aside from the gameplay itself was Duke Nukem's one-liners. I have always tried to sound like him and just started getting good enough to get involved doing custom Duke voice acting for various Duke projects for modders and film-makers. I keep getting better at it every day and i'm willing to offer my services to any serious persons needing the voice of Duke. Also interested in taking on other voice acting offers as well.

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Can't call it Work if you Love Doing it!

VinsaneOne Blog 5 comments

Most everyone needs to work, and these days it's harder than ever finding a job. A lot of us take whatever is out there because we have no choice. Even those who are trained professionals, or suffer being laid off, or their company closed down, must degrade themselves to a lesser job offer. The bills gotta be paid, the family needs to eat!
So the end result is work. Be it hard, boring, stressful or just plain unbearable, it's work. And likely it's something you don't look forward doing day after day. You just can't wait to go home and of course, your days off fly by like they weren't even there!
It's not the case for everyone though. It doesn't really matter what it is you do either. I know a guy who breaks his ass repairing cars and trucks. During a casual conversation about working in general, he says, "I happen to be lucky, never worked a day in my life." Confused, I reply, "Huh?" "Can't call it work if ya love doing it!" he exclaimed with a trailing laugh. Truth is, he's right.
We don't often find a way to make a living doing things we love. Most of that is nothing more than a hobby or some form of recreation. And just maybe, later on in life you discover something within yourself. Like a hidden talent, or some ability you didn't know you possessed. You find yourself being real good at it too! Finally, you've found something you'd love to do the rest of your life. Something you'd want to do every day, all day. It wouldn't matter to you because you love it!
But you still need that crummy dead-end 9-5 job you hate so much with a paycheck at the end of the week! That's the sad reality millions have to deal with every day. Wouldn't life be sweet if we could at any time just choose whatever we love to do and get paid for it? Yea, it would indeed! As for me, even though I'm not making a living entertaining, creating, directing, writing scrips, coming up with ideas for little movies and voice acting, it does have its rewards. And the biggest reward for me, is when people express how much they really like what I do. This is the reason why I love doing it. It's funny, no matter how much time it takes doing these things, it's not work at all and nothing like a regular job. Take my word for it, I know what work is!
So all I can do for now is wait, hope for the best, and just imagine what it's like for those who have it that way. I wouldn't call it being lucky, but rather a blessing to be able to make a living doing what they really love to do.

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