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Hi, I´m Janek "Mc Jey" Roeben from Germany! Making PC games is one of my biggest passions since 2008, when my best friend and I started experimenting with YoYo Games´ "Game Maker" and making games as "U-GameZ" (the "U" is short for "UDIMA", our rock band). Of course, due to our "learning by doing" approach our first games were kind of "bad" and loaded with (sometimes hilarious) glitches and bugs, but we had a blast! Now that I learned a lot, I think U-GameZ can finally make (2D) games that are both funny AND work XD For graphics I´m using Photoshop and sometimes Paint (for pixelart) and animate them by hand or use "Spriter" from Brashmonkey. Sounds and music are done in Fruity Loops, Audacity and Samplitude Music Studio. You could say games from U-GameZ feel very hand-made and are full of charm and insider gags. At least I couldn´t make them without my friends´ and family´s ideas (and sometimes faces) and everyone playing them, so thanks to all of you <3 -Mc Jey-

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Homepage update!

U-GameZ Blog

The official U-GameZ Homepage looks a little more "modern" now.

Take a look here!

What do you think?

-Mc Jey-

New donation page + Thank you for playing!

U-GameZ Blog

You are awesome!

We´re really proud and excited that our game Error Ware seems to be well received
by gamers here at Desura! There are plenty of "Let´s play" videos and reviews on YouTube and dailymotion from all over the world (and in all kinds of languages) we could watch all day.

(Pro tip: move the mouse veery slooowly to win the sumo game!)

The game is free, so if you haven´t checked it out, you´re missing a lot of fun!
Please tell us if you like it and what can be improved in a future sequel.

If you played our games, you know there fun, but far from perfect.
We´re kind of limited by the software we´re using and we´re planning to
upgrade in the future. Unfortunately, we´re pretty broke right now and simply have
to spend our little money on other things...

If you want to help us with a small donation head over to our new donation page!
You can also help us by sharing reviews, videos or the game itself with others.
Thank you so much for your support!

More games?!

Oh, and we´re working on new games all the time. Maybe we´ll give you some sneak peeks in future blog posts! Stay tuned!

-Mc Jey-

Introducing U-GameZ

U-GameZ Blog

U-GameZ sez Hi!

Hi everyone! We´re U-GameZ from Germany, "most of the time one dude"- amateur game developer!
We would like to give you some facts about us.

  • We´re still using "Game Maker 8.0 lite", because we have no money? (Version 8.1 has ugly watermarks!)
  • Soundeffects are done with our voices or snapped from the internets, editing them with audacity, Samplitude Music Studio or Fruity Loops
  • Gaphics are done in vintage Photoshop Elements 2.0 (still the best version! And it came free with my first computer, so...) and Game Maker´s built in image editor
  • We are still n00bs and understand how to make 2D-Games for Windows only
  • We know our early games are badly coded and have probably more bugs than Windows 98, but somehow we still like them
  • If you have cool ideas for games or know how our games could be improved, please leave a comment!

We hope you like our work!Mc Jey

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