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Hello people this is my 2nd account that I'm forced to make since I was unfairly banned for having alt accounts
(which I diden't even know what that was at the time)

Lived in Scotland for the first 8 years of my life and then we Moved to Australia

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Amnesia Custom Stories

Torin831 Blog

I've decided to make my own Amnesia custom story, YAY!!!!! and its freaking hard.
I ended up making a gazillion walls that link to nothing, Du fuq am I looking at?
oh well guess I should scrap that and give it another try.

(Stopped typeing for 10 minutes to make custom story)

wow this is really hard but I'm sure the pay off will be amazeing in the end.

Who knows I may even post it up as a mod XD.
no way, I don't even know how to script lol.

Oh well goodluck to me XD

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