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We are a games studio focused on building games which bring people together. Whether it is a sportsgame for all ages to compete in, a narrative driven experience that fosters discussion or a time-killer that relaxes you, we recognize that games are a powerful medium. Born out of a lifelong love of games and their ability to create new friendships and communities, Ned and Auston have built TOO DX to continue spreading the joy of games.

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So, I want to mention something(s). First of all, I don't code. I may dabble in some web languages but the brute force behind TooDX is Auston. Second of all we love games. Games are rad.


We love hearing the features that you want. LOVE IT. Always forever we want to know your opinions. And we try out suggestions and features that people suggest, try to take in to account things that they don't like when we design (I do help there) and play-test (I help there a lot ^.^ ).

One of the earlier complaints we got was that the bosses invulnerability felt cheap, like it weakened the gameplay. So we played with it taken out. Game was great when bullet power didn't do anything, but as soon as we made the player able to upgrade their damage, the boss became a giant walking bag of wuss. Straight bullet power was the only way to go. Since we are in the middle of cleaning up some code (I'm not helping, because I just break things ; ; ) we are going to take away his invulnerability and show you what happens on our Tumblr in the next week or so. Game = broken.

Why do I mention this? Because we want you to understand something: we care. We care about your opinions and feedback. We also care about making games that bring you an experience. This particular game aims at the experience of an even boss fight. A fight where the boss will incrementally get better until you lose. How far you go is up to your skill. At the current build, where nintendo hard is the default, my best run is 11 measly levels. Auston gets up to 14, the jerk.

We want the game to get that way. The polish now is in leveling the curve so everyone can experience the challenge evenly. We are also trying to balance the game so that we can showcase the best of the best on bossesforever.com, juggle new art assets in, bug-hunt, look for meaningful relationships with the universe, put in sound effects, market the game, launch the beta and plan our next game. That's a lot of stuff to do - and Bosses Forever 2.Bro, although awesome and radical, is not intended to make us money. That's the next release down the line. That means that we are going to jam as much awesome into it as possible now, then drop down the update/upgrade intensity around late summer and start heavy development in our next title. Then, next year, we will pull back and decide if we want to integrate something else super cool and time-consuming or if we want to keep the intensity level. Eventually we'll get to Super Bosses Forever and beyond.


"But Kuma," you're saying, "What does this have to do with me?". Valid point young padawan. What this has to do with you is this: we will test out some of the features people want to see. If it sounds cool and we think it is going to fit into the game, we will test it. We'll also record our tests and design process and share it with you. If it doesn't work, it won't go in. We can't do everything people suggest, obviously, but we'll try to do everything. Right now Auston and I are discussing the merits of the humble platform, and whether stage objects need to wait (short answer: yes) til SBF.

We will listen. We want your feedback. We want to know what you want to see. We are passionate about games; we think they are the vessels to the best times in our lives.

But we also want you to know the reality: not everything can be done, and not everyone can be satisfied with how we do things.


We love feedback, we will test and implement game features as we can and tell you why it works or doesn't as time allows. BF has a rough intensive effort timeline of Q1-Q3 2013, then we are focusing on our next game.

Thank you for everything, in advance. Let's go make great games.

Kuma out ( ̄(エ) ̄)ノ

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We are a games studio focused on building games which bring people together. Whether it is a sportsgame for all ages to compete in, a narrative driven...

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