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I'm a younger developer, a lot younger than usual. Who is fluent in C++ and mediocre in Java. I own indie games company OM LLC,.

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Gameology #1 - Super Mario World

WhenBellsToll Blog

Hi, I'm WhenBellsTroll and welcome to Gameology a blog I'm starting here to investigate video games and their signifigance to other games.
First Study - Super Mario World (SNES, 1991)
We all should remember Super Mario World, the 4th game in the main "Super Mario Bros." line of games, if you don't here's the scoop. Back in 1983, not 1991 quite yet, the video game console industry is dead, due to an overcrowded market and games that didn't sell. No one thought that console gaming would ever be revitalized. Emerging from these ashes and rumble in 1985 came the phoenix that is Nintendo, with thee new console, the Nintendo Entertainment System, or N.E.S. as it is usually refereed to, with it's new console came new security lock-outs and other features that kept the market dominated by Nintendo, one of those "features" being that most systems came with the all-new video game "Super Mario Bros." the game was a huge success and still is one of the best selling video games of all time and 1/3 of all american homes owned an NES. This game would go on to become a trilogy of games, "Super Mario Bros. 2" was very awkward and strayed away from the original formula, "Super Mario Bros. 3" was the epic game that early gamers were looking for with new things such as a map, and other exciting features, the game was also a huge success. Now, after the big trilogy, Could Nintendo really pull off a Super Mario 4? Another big question at the time was, Would people even buy the Super Nintendo? Especially with Sega ruling the 16-bit market? Super Mario World improved even more on 3 featuring a staggering, unheard of 72 levels of Mario action. The game established the side character Yoshi, whom Mario could ride. The game's colors and large levels showcased the power of the Super Nintendo. The game lived up to its title, it felt like a real world that you were just one figure in. The game's success was also flattering, selling Super Nintendo after Super Nintendo, the game proved that lighting could strike twice on a Nintendo console. And with that showing that a game company could make it for the long run in the Entertainment market, so without Super Mario World, we might not have any Console wars to argue over today. This colludes this study.
Thank You for reading,
Kent "WhenBellsTroll"

Hello World of Indie Developers!

WhenBellsToll Blog

Hi, I'm Kent, but I prefer that I'm referred to by my s WhenBellsTroll, or WhenBells or Bells or whatever variation of that you come up with. I'm a relatively young person, I'm in an age group that most believe are lazy, dumb, and immature, also known as teenagers. While that judgement is, for the most part, true, I'd still like a person to look at my work objectively. Onto business, I am fluent, maybe even excelled, in the C++ library for quite a bit now, I know other languages, but I use C++ the most on my projects. I can't, for one reason or another get any of my projects to work on a Mac, so Apple Devs, I apologize, but I won't be making any games that will be on the Mac. My first big project is "Duck: Fall of the Alligator King" it's my very first major project and I am very proud of it, I put together a demo, but that will be for later. The game is a 2D Mega Man/ Mario/ Ninja Gaiden level difficulty, this game is all about classic type 2D gameplay and doing it as hard as possible. The aim here is not to please the player with an easy trip through a flower field, but to reward them for making it past a tall ridged mountain top. I mainly made this game because I saw way to many easy platformers and I thought there needed to be one that required effort.I will be the first to admit my game is flawed, it isn't perfect and it's my first try so I won't freak out to much about making mistakes, because I learn from them. I hope you can find enjoyment in my game dispute its bugs.
I have 2 development friends in this world, Max, my composer, and Jillian, my graphics and ascetics producer. While I love the music of this game, and I think all of you will to, I hope you will enjoy the fresh coat of Paint it's going to revive in a short time. So, until then,
Thank You For Reading,
Kent "WhenBellsTroll"

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