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I find the lack of community on here depressing, but I still made an account on here for cheap and free indie games. I'm a community college student who likes computers, video games, anime, cartoons, and other nerdy stuff. I'm not a competitive gamer, and mostly prefer single-player and co-op games, though I do play Team Fortress 2 a bit.

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Papo & Yo

Game review

[Steam version review]

(If you have read the review of this game by Mitch Dyer on IGN, please ignore that review. It is a horrible review and should not be taken seriously.)

Papo & Yo is a 3-D puzzle platformer by Minority Media taht was first released for the PS3, but then brought to the PC. At first, you might not understand the story, but you will understand it once you get towards the end. The story is actually quite depressing and makes you sympathize for the main character. The game is only about 3-4 hours long, but it is an amazing and well made game. I feel the length of the story is perfect for a game like this.

The game is pretty basic since it is a puzzle platformer, but there are other aspects added to the game at some points. Some of these include trying to get the monster following you from one area to the other, or even jumping on his belly to get to a higher platform. I felt the music used in the game was quite good and very fitting for the game. The graphics are pretty good and can be compared to some triple a games, in my opinion.

I didn't find many issues with the game, except for occasional bad frames and it would sometimes freeze for a couple seconds, though this could have been my PC. It mainly happened to me when I walked near where a cutscene would start, or occasionally when I hit a checkpoint. I must say that this is now one of my favorite indie titles, and I hope to see more games from Minority Media.


Valdis Story: Abyssal City

Game review - 1 disagree

(This is a review of the Steam version, which should be the same. It is also compressed because Desura has character limits.)

Valdis Story: Abyssal City is a metroidvania styled game that was available on Desura for a bit, but is now also available on Steam. It's an indie game published by Endlessfluff Games, who consist of Carolina and Kyron. For a game being made by just two people, it is very good. I can tell they put a lot of effort into this game, and it is games like this that make me wish triple A game companies would try harder.

The game's story is decent, but nothing amazing. It's enough to make you want to continue through the game. The gameplay is where the game truly shines. Since it is a metroidvania styled game, it has the basic side scrolling action and platforming, and you also have magic spells, which you can customize which you want in the menu. It also has RPG elements in the game. As you level up, you get to choose a new skill from three skill trees. Each skill tree is focused on different aspects, like combat, healing/defence, and magic. A lot of the replay value is from choosing different skills and customizing you'r own skill tree combination.
I liked the simple, yet beautiful graphics of the game. I also enjoyed the soundtrack to the game. The music really set the mood for me, and I even found myself listening to the soundtrack when not playing the game.

Even though I really liked this game, I still have some complaints. My main complaint is the forced, difficult platforming sections. I've checked gaming forums, and noticed this is a common complaint. I feel that difficult platforming should be left for optional items. This is the aspect of the game that will most likely get some people to "rage quit" the game. The other main issue I had, was random errors. I'd be playing the game, enjoying myself, and then a random error would come up. It wasn't very often, but it happened a couple times, so it got a little annoying.


The Piano

Game review

I'd love to give this game a better score, but I just can't. The story is interesting enough to keep me interested, but the visuals are plain garbage. I understand the effects are in the game for a reason, but I end up running around aimlessly for a minute or so before my vision actually clears so I can see what I'm doing. This makes the experience tedious and annoying. Another issue with the visuals is this awful glare. I'm pretty sure wooden walls do not shine like that... I hope the creator improves these few things so the game becomes playable. Other than these issues, I do enjoy the game for the most part.

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