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Hi there, I'm a gamer... My favourite games are: 1 - Deus Ex (trilogy)/2 - Silent Hill (0, 1, 2, 3, 5)/3 - Half Life (1, 2 complete)/4 - Civilization III /5 - The Suffering (1&2)/6 - Hidden and Dangerous (1&2)/7 - TNM /8 - MYST (the original!)/9 - S.T.A.L.K.E.R. (SoC) /10 - Duke Nukem 3d and Forever /11 - Serious Sam FE, SE, BFE /12 - Splinter Cell series.

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TECMEC Blog 2 comments

nice program.


not so nice compozer! ;)

I wonder if someone had ever used that application somewhat!

Virtual Studio Abuse

TECMEC Blog 4 comments

Virtual Studio Abuse

For every electronic music admirers

I suggest this great album... check it out!...

Composed by Fastgamerr

Virtual Studio Abuse

Deus Ex Revision review


My personal opinion about the CC great work.

This is a GREAT work, believe me.
Anyway, the Steam stuff, all the flame about that story... is certainly not good after all. The mod itself has got an horrible low rating because of that unhappy developer's choice. But anyway, the mod itself is absolutely GOOD.
I don't like only the music, the new soundtrack. The sound itself is very cool but the original score by Brandon was much better, sorry for that, and it is only my opinion perhaps.
For the rest... EXCELLENT.
Mapping: MASTERPIECE. Spector will be pleased about that!
Texturing: excellent.
Modeling: excellent.
Cyberpunk atmosphere: GOOD.
Gaming: very very GOOD also with some smart customizations like the sound options and the HDTP options.
In the end, Revision is a masterpiece, by me.
Much thanks to all the Caustic Creative team."

Deus Ex Revision, by Caustic Creative, REVISION MOD DB

October News


October 2014

Hi there.
In the meantime (the meantime of life) I've done a little scripting for my little child (9 years old) who wants to become a programmer (nothing less!).
My little boy has invented an fps game (CUBE based, obviously!) with an original plot (the HALO plot, practically) and he has tried to create a demo of it! In the images section, in video section and in download section you shall see by yourselves his progress with the Sauerbraten free engine.
Let's make a cheer for little Karim! :-)

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June 2014

Unfortunately I cannot work on my projects yet, 'cause some serious job I've got to do in the meantime.
Anyway, I'll be back as soon as I can.
In the meantime I suggest to watch the incredible DeusEx FanFilm in the video section!
Have a nice week!

May 2014

Here again. Some little news, for those that are interested about it.

City Project: I'm going on slowly, very slowly. Cube Engine is very good but I haven't much time to dedicate to this work. In the meantime I've posted another little video-demonstration about some nice flare and particles effects.

Unreal Game Project: for the moment, modelers are working with the programmers. Nothing new. If someone else wants to join the small workgroup you can contact me via pm or mail.

JC2D: In a short time I will work on it again...

Syd Black: before apply on JC, I want to translate my game so someone could play it! :D

The Cellar
: unfortunately FPS engine v.9 crashed definitively and backup files are gone. Probably I'm going to remake this game concept on another engine, but is early to say.

That's all for the moment!



Hello there.
I'm here this time to propose a big collaboration; I will create the concept art for a new game (TPS) based on the Unreal engine. The staff need a modeler which could be able to create and animate models for characters like the ones in the sample picture.
This is an example to see the graphic style of the game, no spoilers here!
The game will be an interesting variation on the classic RPG game.

If someone's interested you could contact me with a private message and I'll bring you in contact with the programmers.

Thanks for the help!

August 2013

Hi there,

Check out the videoclip and the screenshots taken from the map "City Project", my new small project about mapping and texturing with the CUBE engine (Platinum Arts Sandbox). Sorry for the low quality video but the inside recorder of the engine does not works correctly with my PC :P - music taken from the Deus Ex HR OST.
Comments and suggestions are welcome.

Hi there, here you can find my new game created with 001 engine: Tecmec7.wix.com
For the moment the game language is only italian! Sorry for that...

CHECK the DOWNLOAD AREA for more...

Hi there, I've tried to make a simple plain 2D game for fun and for "promo" of an eventual 2D game.
My game is set in DeusEx world and contains some ideas that I want to put in the FPS game I was developing. Is now available in download section of my profile. Naturally is full of "strange things" (like bugs I fear) but It should works correctly on every Windows PC.
If you find some problems to launch (I doubt it but better get ready) you can download the latest version of the engine (only few MB) on the related page on ModDB: 001 engine
So, I hope you'll have some fun with my little game...
Is certainly not a masterpiece but I've done it for fun and for remember some old and new DX characters... and for propose new ideas to all the DeusEx fans.



- the excellent 2D engine called 001 game creator. This is the link: 001


- Unatco remix, Ocean action (by SIREN).


- JC can hack... also in 2D
- JC can use aug canisters
- Some alternative ways are possible to reach the objectives
- Good firepower and several medikit available!
- No goals/notes interface! Only memory! More difficult! ;)
- Special guests: Alex Jacobson (DX), Leyla Nassif (DXIW), Adam Jensen (DXHR)!...


- The HUD is horrible. Sorry, I want to change it but for the moment I don't know how exactly!
- Wall climbing is an error! But is possible... like grenade climbing, you remember it?
- Biocells doesn't work at all. I'll try to fix this problem as soon as possible...



Hehe... I discover an interesting third engine... perfect for a little "promo"... very soon you'll see!


Back in business, back to study new chapters of Unreal engine... coooooool engine anyhow!


Ok my game on FPSC engine is temporary blocked so in the meantime I'll dedicate my sparetime to the old but good Unreal engine, you'll see if I'll learn it well or not... we'll see!

Waiting other news about my favourite mods (Nihilum and Revision) still in good progress, I wish to the MODDB site a good Easter possibly full of good Easter eggs! He he!

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