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Game Developer, Student and Philanthropist. My primary job here is to help maintain the page for 001 Game Creator.

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Ball Bouncer

Game review

Dark Fusion

Game review - 1 agree - 1 disagree

I love 001 Game Creator and I love 001 Games. This is why I post reviews for them. That being said, no game is perfect, and I feel that this game, Dark Fusion, could be so much better than it is right now. This is not the developer's fault; he has tried his best to create a great game; indeed, he has made a lot of progress, if you have noticed his earlier works compared to this one, you'll see a steadier progression and implementation of later features present in this one and not in others. I will, in this review, list my critiques and, in juxtaposition, the more exemplary parts of the game.

My first critique is map size. If you are not sure about what the size of your map should be; err on the side of lower. Running speed for 001 characters are low. Try to fit more in less space; it will not only be easier to run through, but overall, it will be more visually appealing.

Secondly, the control scheme is not clearly explained. By default, Attack and Jump keys are on the Ctrl and Shift keys, respectively, in 001 games. The controls should be more clearly defined at the beginning, especially if the person has not played MahtXL's other games.

My last critique; There are many more features to 001 than are shown in this game. My only request to this is that, in time, we see more of them. There are tutorials and help forums on the site, but whether the creator chooses to make use of them is of his own volition.

Now, for the good things.

Sounds for the guns are realistic and not too loud. The Pro Assets make the game look much, much better than in previous games, and K-Pone's Music sets the mood perfectly. The snowy wasteland looks great, the story shows a good deal of promise, and overall, the game is fun, simple, and enough zombie-killing for all.

All these are just suggestions to see the game improved upon, and I hope to see them taken under consideration in the future.


RPG Maker VX

Engine review

001 Game Creator

Engine review - 5 agree - 1 disagree

One of the best free game creation Engines to ever rise out of the indie community. It has a supportive community, an easy-to-use scripting interface, and an entirely customizable experience, ensuring that any game can be exactly like you imagine it.

This Engine will always be free, although you can pay to get earlier access to better features, such as 3D, mouse support, multiplayer betas and more.

The website contains support for the game creator with an active forum, a bustling tutorial and resource community, and plenty of great games to choose from, stand-alone.

It's not professional, but it's getting closer and closer with every update. It's easy to use, and fun to play.

- Tabula Rasa
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