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Mix between minecraft (I hate) and world of tanks / warplanes (i love) with a touch of star wars (I hate)
And topped off with a good dose of fun and a great sense of progression! It's simply a lot of fun to create the ultimate machine and then use it to fight against others ... It really works. After each match, you'll have enough points to alter your vehicle... If you dare mess up your perfect build ^.^

Very frequent and awesome updates keep the game alive as the great dev group continues work. Premium basically has you put in (a very reasonable amount) of money to speed stuff up, no ingame advantages are earned. Same with the premium bots you can buy. You could just as well build them yourself, but buying a tier 8 bot does skip you right to tier 8, level wise so you can gain tier 8 tech points...



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I've been with SpaceBit since it first began, helping its development. I really love the way it is turning out, and the way it is, it's already a very unique and enjoyable game. There's so much fun things you can do, you have a random world which you can shape to your desire, and every night you have to survive waves of enemies.I'd reccomend it to anyone! Check out www.spacebit.com =D !

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