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The Legend Of Zelda - The Minish Cap [Game Script] Pt. 1/2


(Text between hyphen's are said by the narrator)


A long, long time ago...

when the world was on the verge of being swallowed by shadow...

The tiny Picori appeared from the sky, bringing the hero of men a sword and a

golden light.

With wisdom and courage, the hero drove out the darkness.

When peace had been restored, the people enshrined that blade with care.


(The screen then fades and you see a girl with yellow hair entering a house.

She then walks up to the smith. The girls name is Zelda.)

Zelda: Good morning, Master Smith.

Smith: Goodness me! Princess Zelda! Did you sneak out of the castle and come

all this way alone? The minister is sure to be worried about you! You know how

he gets!

Zelda: Oh, don't worry about him! He'll be fine. Where's Link? The whole town

is bustling for the annual Picori Festival! I thought he and I might go

together. Would you mind terribly?

Smith: Oh, is that what you're here for? Well, Link was up late helping me last

night, and he's still asleep... But I do have an errand at the castle... Yes,

that should be fine. Link, time to get up!

(The screen fades to Link's room.)

Smith: (Yelling from downstairs) Link, time to get up!

(Link jumps out of bed. When you walk downstairs into the next room...)

Smith: Hey! Link! Princess Zelda is here. She'd like to know if you'd join her

at the festival.

Zelda: Yeah, Link. Come on! Let's go check out the festival together! Master

Smith already gave me permission to take you!

Smith: Yes. After all, the festival only comes once a year. Go on, have fun!

And while you're there, you can do me a favor. I just finished making this

Sword for the minister as Hyrule Castle. I'd like you to deliver it to him.

(Link walks up and grabs the sword.)


You accepted the Smiths Sword!

Make sure you don't lose this extremely important delivery!


Smith: This is the blade that will be presented to the winner of the

competition. Don't lose it. And while the two of you may be childhood friends,

remember... Zelda is the princess of Hyrule. You watch over her. Don't let

anything bad happen to her.

Zelda: Master Smith, quit worrying! We'll be perfectly safe. Come on, Link!

Let's go check out the festival!

(Princess Zelda leaves the house. Once you exit the house...)

Zelda: Link! Over here!

(Once you catch up to her...)

Zelda: Link! Hurry! Let's go!

(Once you catch up to her again...)

Zelda: Over here! Come on! Hurry up!

(Once you catch up to her again...)

Zelda: Well, here we are! The town of Hyrule!

(You follow Princess Zelda into Hyrule. It shows a nice view of the festival

and all the people at it. The camera then goes down to Link and Zelda.)

Zelda: Here we are, Link! Doesn't it look fun? Come on! Let's look around!

(Once you talk to Zelda...)

Zelda: Link, there's a storyteller here! We should stop here and listen to--

Oh! I wonder what's over there...

(Princess Zelda runs to another location.)

(Once you talk to Zelda again...)

Zelda: So the Picori ARE real! My father always told me they were. Oh! Look at


(Princess Zelda runs to another location.)

(Once you talk to Zelda again...)

Zelda: Say, wasn't there going to be a sword-fighting tournament at the castle?

I wonder who won this year... Oh, wow! Over here!

(Princess Zelda runs to another location.)

(Once you talk to Zelda again, the guy next to you rings a bell.)

Guy: We have a winner! Oh, my! Princess Zelda! You won the grand prize in our

drawing? Wow! You get your choice of any of these wonderful prizes. What will

it be?

(A Heart Piece appears on the first pedestal)

Guy: First, we have...this lovely heart-shaped stone! Next we have...

(A Red Rupee appears on the second pedestal)

Guy: this magnificent gem! And finally, there's

(A Shield appears on the final pedestal)

Guy: this teeny-tiny shield. So, which one would you like? Let me guess...the

jewel? Oh, but this heart stone is very cute, too. Choose whichever one you


(Zelda walks up to the shield)

Zelda The shield is so adorable! I think I'll take it.

Guy: What? Why? Why would you want that ugly thing!? What about this heart

stone! It's cute! Or... Or this giant gem! It's pretty! Honestly, they're both

much nicer than that nasty little shield thing.

Zelda: Nope! I want the shield. Can I have it?

Guy: What a strange princess you are. Well... OK. Here's your teeny-tiny


(Zelda looks at Link)

Zelda: Here! I want to give you a present! Doesn't this shield suit you

perfectly, Link?


Princess Zelda gave you a small shield!

Hold the button to protect yourself.

...It IS a little embarrassing, though. It's so tiny!


(Link tries out his new shield)

Zelda: Yep! Just as I thought! You look great! Now, if anything happens, you

can protect me with that shield! Oh! I almost forgot! We have to take Master

Smith's sword to the castle. Let's go Link!

(After Link and Zelda exit Hyrule)

Zelda: Come on, Link. Let's hurry to the castle.

(Zelda walks off screen. You follow her and a Deku Scrub hits her)

Zelda: Owwwwch! That must be the Business Scrub I heard the soldiers talking

about. They were saying a Deku Scrub had been hassling all the passersby.

Link, do something about it. Otherwise, we cannot get to the castle. If only

we had some way to defend ourselves against those nuts of his.

(Link uses his shield to deflect the nut being thrown at him.)

Deku Scrub: Please! Forgive me, sir! I heard there was a festival, and I came

to town hoping to hawk my wares. Unfortunately, we scrubs have a tendency to

spit nuts when we speak! Everyone got scared and ran away, and no one would

buy anything! This is a terrible place to do business! I'm going back to my


(The Deku Scrub vanishes in thin air. Link looks at Zelda)

Zelda: I actually feel a little sorry for that Business Scrub. But that nut

hurt! Oh, well. He won't be hassling anyone now! We'd better hurry to the


(Link and Zelda enter the garden leading to the castle. There, they talk to a

old guy, who is named Potho.)

Potho: Oh, Link! You brought the sword, did you? Then, as minister to the

kingdom of Hyrule, I, Potho, accept this blade. You came just in time. The

award ceremony will begin soon.

Zelda: I'm sorry, Link, but I'd better go. I have to prepare for the ceremony.

I had a good time at the festival. Thanks for coming with me!

(Zelda enters the castle.)

Potho: Since you're here, Link, why don't you join us for the award


(The screen fades. Then, its appears again right where they are standing.


guards come out carrying a sword.)

Potho: Do you know about that sword, Link? It is called the Picori Blade, and

it locks much evil away in that chest. The Picori Blade is sacred among the

people of Hyrule. The legend has it that, long ago, the Picori gave us this

blade. Whoever wins the competition earns the honor of touching the sacred


(The King of Hyrule and Zelda walk out of the castle.)

Potho: Let the award ceremony commence! Vaati, champion of the competition,

you may approach the blade!

(Vaati comes in and walks up to the sword)

Vaati: Heh heh heh... To think things would go well! The Picori Blade and the

Bound Chest spoken of in Hylian lore... This chest must hold that which I

seek! I'll relieve you of its contents now.

(Vaati faces the sword. All the guards come forth and attack Vaati. The guards

are easily overpowered. Two more guards come up to him.)

Vaati: Mmmm ah hah hah hah! Do not interfere with me... As victor, I've earned

the right to approach the Picori Blade... I've been waiting for this moment!

(Vaati kills the last two guards. He opens the chest and evil monsters fly

out. A yellow light surrounds Zelda and she steps towards Vaati.)

Zelda: Who are you? Why are you doing this?

Vaati: The princess who holds the power of light... That mysterious power

is said to flow in the veins of every royal lady in your family ever since

that day when it was gifted to your people. If I leave you now,

you'll only cause me trouble later. That will never do.

(Vaati charges up an energy ball aiming towards Zelda and Link

steps in front of her with his shield raised)

Vaati: To stone with you!

(Vaati shoots the energy ball and Link is knocked unconscious to

the floor. It hits Zelda and she turns to stone)

Vaati: Heh heh heh heh... All who stand in my way shall share this fate!

Now, to find out what power awaits me in this chest!

(Vaati walks over and peers into the chest)

Vaati: ...?!? Empty? There was nothing in there but those monsters?

What is the meaning of this? Well, I know the force I'm after is somewhere

out there. I'm in no hurry. I can take my time searching for it. Heh heh


(Vaati disappears and the scene switches to Link resting in a bed at

Hyrule Castle. He wakes and joins Smith, the king of Hyrule, Potho,

six soldiers and Zelda who is turned to stone in the throne room)

Smith: Oh, Link. You're awake. Are you feeling all right?

Stand at my side. The king of Hyrule is about to speak.

King of Hyrule: It is as you have all heard. A man named Vaati has cursed

my fair Zelda and turned her to stone. If we had the sacred Picori Blade,

we likely could have broken the curse. But Vaati shattered the blade...

However, I have not given up hope. What do you know about the Picori?

Smith: The Picori? You mean...those thumb-sized little imps from the fairy


King: Yes, the same. But the Picori are no mere legend. They most certainly

exist. No one outside of the royal family knows the truth about them. The

Picori, who forged the sacred blade, live deep within Minish Woods.

They should be able to repair the broken blade and reforge the sword.

Potho: Wh-What!? Then we must dispatch the soldiers there at once!

King: No, soldiers will not do. The Picori do not show themselves to

anyone but children. Our soldiers could search for days and still no sign of


Smith: I see... If that's the case, then why not send Link?

King: If Link has recovered, then yes, I would like to ask this of him.

Please, turn my precious Zelda back to normal. The Picori should

know how to create a new sacred sword. It will be a dangerous journey,

now that those monsters have been freed. Please, take this sword with

you, along with the broken Picori Blade.

(Link walks over to the King)


You accepted the Broken Picori Blade!

This is part of the sword needed to reforge the sacred sword. Don't lose it!



You got the Smith's Sword!

It's a sharp blade made by your grandfather.


King: Very well, then. Send the soldiers to search for Vaati at once!

(The soldiers run out of the room)

King: Deep within the Minish Woods, you will find a place called

Deepwood Shrine. Once, humans and Picori shared that shrine

as a meeting place. I think it would be best if you started your

search there.

(Smith walks over to Link)

Smith: Take this map with you. If you get lost on your way to the forest,

simply check your map. Just press START and then L or R to open the

map. Good luck, and be careful.


You got a map of Hyrule!

Now, you'll never get lost!


King: I am counting on you, Link. Only you can break Vaati's curse

and free Princess Zelda.

(Link sets off and enters the Minish Woods. After a little wandering,

he hears a voice)

Voice: Helllllp!!! Help meeee!!!

(The scene switches to a bird-like cap taking a beating by two

octoroks. One octorok shoots him)

Cap: Ouch! Won't somebody stop them!?

(The other octorok shoots him)

Cap: Ow! Ow! Help...Somebody! Can't anybody hear me?

(Link finds the talking cap and the two octoroks)

Cap: Hey! Kid! You there!

(One octorok shoots him)

Cap: Ow! hey! Don't just stand there! Do something!!!

(The other octorok shoots him)

Cap: ow! What's wrong with you!? Do you like watching me take

this abuse!? Help me!

(Link defeats the two octoroks)

Cap: Phew! Well done! That was close. Not that I couldn't handle

them myself. But that's beside the point! What in the world is

a lone child doing so deep in the woods? Ho ho! I see.

The...Picori, you say? And Vaati? Vaati's cursed someone?

What? The sacred blade?!? Is that so? I see, I see... You know, you

and I have a lot in common. You see, I, too, am on a quest to break

a curse of Vaati's. And you say that reforging the sacred blade can

break his curse, eh? Well, then you have found yourself a companion,

my boy! My name is Ezlo. It's a pleasure to make your acquaintance.

(Ezlo follows Link, hopping behind)

Ezlo: Wait! Wait, I say! You walk so quickly! Too quickly, in fact!

Can't you go any slower? Surely you've noticed I have no legs...

(Link walks some more)

Ezlo: Boy! Take a good look at me! Do you really think I can walk that


(Link walks some more)

Ezlo: Augh! If it isn't one thing, it's another! You are a troublesome boy!

(Ezlo jumps on top of Link's head and acts as a normal cap)

Ezlo: There! Now, you can't possibly leave me behind. My... It's quite

comfortable up here. more comfortable than it looks, surely.

Any much easier on me! Hey! Quit your squirming! Can't you sit still?

See! There... Yes, yes! That's it. Much better. Now, I suppose a boy

like you still have much to learn about the world. If ever you need

my insight, press SELECT. I'll be happy to help! Ah, such a helpless


(Link continues through the forest and comes across a tree stump)

Ezlo: Hold on for a moment, my boy! We've stumbled across something

very important! The world of the Minish is very small. You're far too

big to meet them now. Eh? Who are the Minish? Ah, yes! Silly me!

Allow me to explain... You humans call them the "Picori," but they

refer to themselves as the Minish! Strange how, in the world of

humans, only this forest has kept that name... Anyhow, deep in the

forest they built a tiny village, where many now live. But if we're

to enter the village, we'll have to make you a touch smaller first.

Look at that. At first glance, it appears to be a mere stump, yes?

No! That stump is a portal used by the people long ago to adjust

their size! With my help, you can use it to shrink down to

Minish size. Just stand on the stump and press R to shrink. To

return to normal, stand next to the stump and press R. Get me up

there and we'll give it a try.

(Link steps onto the stump and shrinks down to Minish size)

Ezlo: Welcome to the world through the eyes of the Minish! Now,

aren't you glad you saved me? No need to thank me, though!

Portals that reduce your size are all around, in different shapes

and sizes. If you want to return to normal, stand next to a portal

and press R. But there is one thing you must know: being Minish-sized

is full of dangers! Mere puddles at your normal size are bottomless

swamps to the Minish. And as your companion, if anything bad

happens to you, it happens to me, too! So proceed with caution,

my lad! If not for your sake, then for my own!

(Link enters the Minish village)

Ezlo: Hmm... It appears we have found the Minish village.

(five Minish appear and surround Link)

Minish: Pico picori!

Minish: Ripi ripico picori!

Minish: Picoco pico ripico!

(The Minish run off)

Ezlo: I gather it's been quite some time since they last saw a human...

What's that? You didn't understand what they were saying just now?

Ah, yes. That was the language of the Minish. It's a little different from

the dialect I am most familiar with. I'm afraid I didn't cath most of what

they said myself. But perhaps there is someone here who understands

your language. We should look around.

(Link wanders around the village and finds a Minish priest)

Festari: Hm... I've never seen an outfit like that before.

Are you a...human? Oh, my! It's been quite some time since

any humans came here. My name is Festari. I watch the abbey,

as well as the shrine to the north. You...seem to be having

some trouble with our language, don't you? You could use a

Jabber Nut. It will allow you to understand our tongue. You

should be able to find one in the barrel house just south of here.

(Link enters the barrel house)

Ezlo: Oh, Link. This must be the Jabber Nut Festari told you about.

Well, you'd better eat it if you plan on making any progress at all.


You ate the Jabber Nut!

Now you can understand the language of the Minish.


(Link returns to the priest)

Festari: So you've eaten the Jabber Nut and now you can understand

us? ...Sorry, but I know little about swords. I'm sure the elder

can help you.

(Link finds the Minish elder)

Gentari: Oh! You speak our language! It's been quite a while since

we've heard outsiders speak our tongue! We have little to offer

you in these woods, but please, enjoy your stay.

Ezlo: Thank you for your offer, but we have no time to relax.

My name is Ezlo. This child is Link. We need to break a curse

that has been cast on the princess of Hyrule. To do so, we'll

need to reforge the broken Picori Blade.

Gentari: Ah, yes. And you've come here now to have the blade

reforged? If you want the blade reforged, you will need the four

elements. These are the crystalline forms of the energies that

fill our world. Only by infusing the blade with these energies

can a new blade be forged. Here, give me your map. I can mark

where these elements can be found. The Earth Element can be

found in the shrine to the north of Festari's abbey. Speak with

Festari. He will show you the path to the shrine's entrance.

Go with caution. Evil creatures have lately made their home

in our shrine. Return to me at once after you have found the

Earth Element.

(Link goes to speak with Festari)

Festari: You wish to go to the shrine? Very well. This way...

(Festari moves away to reveal a path to the shrine)

Festari: Vile beasts have settled in recently. Be careful: it is quite


(Link enters the Deepwood Shrine)

Ezlo: So this would be the Deepwood Shrine the Minish elder

spoke of... He...said something about their being monsters inside,

didn't he? He-Hey now! No reason to be afraid or anything...

I'll be waiting right here. No, wait! What am I saying!? I'm not

letting you leave me alone out here!

(Link comes across a locked door)

Ezlo: Hmph! There's a locked door here! See if you can find a key to

open it.

(Link comes across a lever)

Ezlo: Do you see that lever? I think you should be able to pull it.

Just stand in front of it and press R to grab it, then press the D-Pad

to pull it.

(Link comes across a barrel)

Ezlo: Wow! Look at the size of that barrel! Hm? Oh, right! Right!

How silly of me! It's not big; we're just small!

(Link burns away the leaves on the barrel and enters it)

Ezlo: Wha--!? Hey, be careful, my lad! The barrel just moved!

(Link comes across a switch)

Ezlo: What we need now is something to hold down this switch...

(Link enters a room with two statues)

Ezlo: Once you take hold of something with R, use the D-Pad to push

or pull it. This is extremely important, so I hope you take pains to

remember it!

(Link encounters a Madderpillar and defeats it)


You got the Gust Jar!

Hold the button to draw things in, and release it to fire them out!

Set it to A or B on the Items screen to use it!


(Link soon lands in a watery room)

Ezlo: Now what? Unless we find a way to travel by water, we

won't be going much further.


You got the Big Key!

Use it to open big doors!


(Link defeats the giant green cuhchu and receives the Earth Element)


You got the Earth Element!

The power of the earth is the source of all living things

The Earth Element is the embodiment of that power.


(Link uses a green portal that appears to exit the shrine)

Ezlo: Ah, we've got the Earth Element! You must go tell the elder at once!

(Link returns to the elder)

Gentari: So! You have found the Earth Element! You are blessed

with much courage and strength for one so young. If your conviction

holds strong, head to Mount Crenel. There, you will find a man named

Melari. Among all the Minish, there is no one more able to repair your

sword. If you ask him, he will surely reforge the broken Picori Blade.

I shall send word to him in advance. Travel safely. You are brave,

but there are many evils now in the world.

(The elder reveals a door behind a curtain)

Gentari: Leave through this door here. It will take you out of the

forest quickly.

Ezlo: Great elder, we are in your debt. We shall head for Mount

Crenel at once!

(After exiting the village via the hidden door, Link comes across

a small mushroom house and enters)

Belari: Green clothes? And a mystical hat?!? Sir! Would you by

chance be Link, the one who found the Earth Element? Surely you

are! I have heard so many tales about you. I am Belari, researcher

of antiquities. I am also, well, a bit of an inventor. You know, you

won't be able to get back to town, due to all the debris.. Here, I

have something that might come in handy.


You got a Bomb Bag!

And it has ten bombs in it! Now you can blow up lots of stuff!


(Link returns to Hyrule Town and the Hurdy-Gurdy Man spots him)

HGM: Come one, come all! See how many Kinstone pieces you can

collect! You never know what fusing Kinstones will do, but it's sure

to be good! Come on up and get your free Kinstone bag for holding

your Kinstone pieces! Don't miss out on this incredible,

once-in-a-lifetime oppurtunity! Yes, yes. You're here for your

free Kinstone bag, aren't you? That's right! Maybe you didn't hear

me, but they're free for all kids right now!


You got a Kinstone bag!

You can now carry Kinstone pieces with you. Press START to view

its contents from your Quest Status screen.


HGM: Fitting two Kinstone pieces together is called Kinstone Fusion.

If you get two pieces to fit perfectly, great happiness will come your

way! I'll put a Kinstone piece in your Kinstone bag so you can give it

a try. Anyone who's ready and willing to fuse Kinstones will look like

I do right now. When you see that look in their eyes, that's when you

press L! Use the D-Pad to choose a Kinstone piece, and press A to try

fusing it! Did you catch all of that?

(Link says "Yes")

HGM: Then stand in front of me and press L so we can fuse Kinstones!

(After you press L...)

HGM: Yes, yes. That's it. Press L! Then you can see the Kinstone screen.

(You select your Kinstone piece and fuse with the Hurdy-Gurdy Man)

The two Kinstone pieces fit perfectly!

Maybe something good will happen!

(The scene switches to show what the effects of the Kinstone Fusion were)

HGM: A perfect fit! That means we're both due for a little happiness! See


(The Hurdy-Gurdy Man walks off. Link then tries to leave Hyrule Town

to head for Mount Crenel but a soldier blocks his path)

Soldier: Just because you have a sword and a shield doesn't mean you'll

be safe! I can't let you go out there alone! Not until you know some

sword techniques.

(Link enters Swiftblade's dojo)

Swiftblade: I am Swiftblade, finest swordsman in all of Hyrule!

If you train with me, I guarantee that you will increase your skill

dramatically! So? Would you like to train here?

(Link says "Please")

Swiftblade: We shall start with the most basic of all techniques!

I shall teach you...the Spin Attack!

First!! Press and hold your sword button...

Second!! Build up enough power...

Third!! Releeeease your destructive might!!

That's all, young swordsman!!

Do you understand?

(Link says "Yes")

Swiftblade: Haha! Very good!

You are a quick student. But one must FEEL there technique, not just

hear about it! That's why I will now possess your body so as to demonstrate

the technique! I call this the Swiftblade Switcheroo technique of training!

Watch this!!

Urrngh!! Switch...Ah...Roo!

(Swiftblade performs the Spin Attack for Link)

Swiftblade: Phew... Now! You must try it yourself! Press and

hold your sword button. Build up enough power. Then, release your


might!! That's all there is to it!

(Link performs the Spin Attack)

Swiftblade: Yes!! Fine work! You're a quick study. I will now give

you this Tiger Scroll! If you ever forget this technique, you can review

it with this scroll! You may view it anytime from the Quest Status screen!


You learned the secret Spin Attack fighting technique!

This is the first technique you've learned from Master Swiftblade!


(Link returns to the soldier blocking the path to Mount Crenel)

Soldier: Ho ho! So, you've learned the Spin Attack? It's still

dangerous, but...maybe you can handle it. Well, let's see how you do.

Show me that Spin Attack!

(Link performs the Spin Attack)

Soldier: Yeah! That's the one! But there are monsters out there, kid!

You just make sure you're careful.

(Link reaches Mt. Crenel's Base and enters a nearby cave)

Business Scrub: OK, ya got me! I'll make it up to you by telling you

something good! A friend of mine in a cave in the south of Trilby Highlands

has a handy tool. If you want to climb Mount Crenel, I suggest you go

buy it from him.

(Link finds the cave the scrub was talking about)

Business Scrub: OK, ya got me! Let me make it up to ya! You can have

this most deluxe of all bottles for only 20 Rupees! So, what do you say,


(Link says "Sure")


You got an empty bottle!

Use it to store all sorts of things.


Business Scrub: Thanks a lot!

(Link returns to Mt. Crenel's Base)


You put water in your bottle!

Sprinkle it on different things!


(After Link uses the stone portal...)

Ezlo: So this perfectly normal-looking stone was another portal to the

Minish world! I suppose I would have remembered that if I'd stopped

to think about it...


You put Crenel Hot Spring Water in your bottle! It's piping hot!


(Link encounters some Helmasaurs...)

Ezlo: Once you've pulled off their iron masks, these guys are no

trouble whatsoever.

(Link soon reaches a vortex)

Ezlo: Hmn?! Hmmmmnnnn...

Ah, of course! How silly of me! Hey, my boy! Jump into that vortex

over there for me! I think I've got an idea!

(Link enters another cave on Mount Crenel...)

Business Scrub: OK, ya got me! Let me make it up to ya! This

fabulous Grip Ring is just perfect for a young mountaineer like yourself!

Climb in style for only 40 Rupees! What a bargain!

So, what do you say, huh?

(Link says "Sure")


You got the Grip Ring!

Now, you can easily climb cliffs that you could not scale before.


Business Scrub: Thanks a lot!

(It begins to rain at the top of the mountain and Link enters

a passageway in Minish size...)

Ezlo: These raindrops are like boulders of water to us, kid!

Watch out! If one of them hits us, it'll do more than a little damage!

(Link enters Melari's Mines)

Melari: Green clothes? And an odd hat?!? Sir! Might you be

young Link? I am Melari, master smith. I hear you want me to

reforge the sacred sword and help break a curse. I'll be needin'

the old sword, which holds the power of the elements, first.

Show me that broken Picori Blade! I love

all this adventure, what with the recuing of princesses and such.

I'd be happy to reforge this thing into a brand new sacred blade

for you.

(Link places the broken Picori Blade on the work table)

Melari: It'll take me a while to rework your sword. In the meantime,

you should track down the missing elements. One of them

should be in the mine the humans dug.

It's not far from here. All right! Let's get started!

Ezlo: They'll be a while, Link. Let's leave them to it and find that


(Link goes to the Minish blocking the path to the mine)

Mountain Picori: What? You're going to the mine? If you've talked

to the boss, I won't stop you. But be careful.

(The Minish moves away and Link enters the Cave of Flames)

Ezlo: Wow... It's hot in here! Come on! Let's not stand around

wasting time! Find that element, so we can get out of here!

(After Link encounters two Spiked Beetles...)

Ezlo: Your sword won't make a dent in their thorny armor! Flip them over

before you strike!

(After Link comes across a mine cart...)

Ezlo: This must be what the humans who built this mine used to get around in

here. Maybe we should hop in? Hm? What? After all, you don't expect me to

belive you're scared! There's nothing to be afraid of here! Come, on, let's


(After Link uses the mine cart...)

Ezlo: Sweet jumping jellyfish, that was awful! Hey, kid, what are you smiling

about? I knew it was madness to risk our lives in that rickety human

contraption! From now on, let's just stick to our feet! Well, I mean...your


(After Link defeats some Helmasaurs, a portal appears...)

Ezlo: How interesting! So there was a portal hidden away in here, hm? Whenever

you want me to shrink you down, just hop up here and press R!

(After Link walks over some platforms on the lava)

Ezlo: Oh my! It looks really, REALLY, hot in that lava! Trust me: Falling

into that would be a bad idea. I'm sure you agree.

(Link defeats a groupd of Spiny Chuchus)


You got the Cane of Pacci!

This mystical rod has the power to flip things over.

Use it to charge up energy in holes and then flip on out of it!


Ezlo: Hey, kid! Why don't you take that Cane of Pacci and fire it at that

hole? I mean, you never know what'll happen until you try, right?

(Link defeats Gleerok at the end of the mines)


You got the Fire Element!

Flames bring light to darkness and warmth to all.

The Fire Element is the embodiment of that power.


(Link exits the Cave of Flames)

Ezlo: Oh, that was hot! It was so hot, I thought my fibers would catch fire!

Ah, but it's over now! I suppose we should go back and speak to Melari.

(Link returns to Melari)

Melari: Wow! That was fast work! But not so fast that I didn't finish your

sword! Here, take a look! I call this blade the White Sword!


You got the White Sword! Its beautiful white blade sparkles with light!

You can put away your grandfather's sword now.


Melari: Once you infuse it with the power of the elements, it will become a

sacred blade! The forest elder no doubt told you this part but... If you want

to infuse the sword, you must go to the elemental sanctuary. The sanctuary is

a strange realm, trapped between two worlds. It is the bridge between the

Minish world and the human world. The doorway to the sanctuary only opens once

every hundred years! You'll find that door hidden within Hyrule Castle. Once

the blade has been filled with the power of the four elements, you should be

able to break the curse on your princess. I know you can do it. After all,

you made short work of that human mine. Let me tell you about a shortcut

that you can use to get down the mountain. You'll find it right in front of

the entrance of the mine you just explored. Just follow that, and you'll be

down in no time. Good luck!

(Link makes his way to Hyrule Castle. At the entrance...)

Ezlo: Are you sure I look all right? I never know what to wear to formal


(Link finds a mysterious door...)

Ezlo: Link, look! See how that doorway glows? Could that be the door that

leads to the sanctuary? nobody in the castle seems to be able to see it but

you and me... Let's go! Quickly!

(Link enters...)

Ezlo: So this is the elemental sanctuary, then... This is where we can infuse

your blade with the power of the elements... Yes, there seems to be a pedastal

for your sword right in the middle there.

(Link drops the sword into the pedestal)


The powers of the Earth and Fire Elements have infused your blade!


(A stone tablet rises from the ground behind Link. He walks over to it.)

Ezlo: Hmm-hmm... Let's see if I can't read that tablet for you...

"Fill your sword with power and walk over the glowing tiles..."

Hm... Perhaps it refers to those flashing spots on the floor around you.

Well? What are you waiting for? Try it, Link!

(Link charges his sword and walks over the two nearby tiles)

Ezlo: Whoa! You just split in two! So this is the power of the White Sword!

I guess you can double yourself like that anytime you see those panels...

(Link exits Hyrule Castle into North Hyrule Field)

Voice: Interesting. You're the last person I expected to find here. And just

as I was wondering who could be behind this, I find my old master...

(Vaati magically appears before Link and Ezlo)

Ezlo: Vaati!

Vaati: And, as always, you are dressed in... heh heh heh...the shabbiest of

rags. My curses are not to be mocked. The one I cast on you is most powerful.

No matter what power you wield, you will never break it.

Ezlo: You haven't changed in the slightest. I should never have created that

cap. It only fueled your insane desires!

Vaati: Fool! A hat that grants the wishes of its wearer is a spectacular

creation! Thanks to you, I have gone from being a meek, miniscule nothing

to... the greatest sorcerer alive! You cannot stop me now, and I have you to

thank for it! Accept this small gesture of gratitude from me.

(Vaati vanishes)

Ezlo: Wait! Vaati, wait!!!

(Link runs after Vaati but is trapped in a ring with two moblins. Link defeats

them both)

Ezlo: That foul Vaati! What could he be scheminig now? Link... I feel I own

you an explanation of what has happened. You see, Vaati and I are both Minish.

I was once a famous sage and a renowned Minish craftsman. Vaati was only a

boy when I took him on as my apprentice. But...he became enchanted by the

wickedness in the hearts of men. One day, Vaati took a hat I made for the

humans -- my pride and joy. It granted the wishes of its wearer. He put it on

without my permission...

(We see a flashback of what happened...)

Ezlo: Vaati: What are you doing there?

(Vaati puts on the cap Ezlo made and he transforms into an evil form)

Ezlo: Oh! What a vile form you've taken!

Vaati: Vile? I am a sorcerer now, and my power is beyond compare! None can

stop me...

Ezlo: Why, Vaati? What are you plotting?

Vaati: This year, on the day that comes but once a century, the portal opens.

And when it does, I shall claim the light force as my own. I will be

transformed, perfect, and there will be none who can stop me...

(Vaati shoots a ball of energy at Ezlo)

Ezlo: GAAAAAA!!!

(Ezlo is transformed into a bird-like cap)

Vaati: Ah ha ha ha ha ha ha ha! Tell me, how does it feel, my sorcerer's

curse? There is nothing you can do to break it, Ezlo! Or to stop me! And with

that, I must be leaving.

(Vaati vanishes and the flashback ends. Ezlo is on the floor telling Link his

story now)

Ezlo: You know the legends, of course. The gifts the Picori gave the humans...

What you call the Picori Blade was the first of those gifts. The second...

Well, you call it light force, but it is a source of limitless magical power.

If Vaati were to get it now, it would be devastating. I came to the world of

men hoping to stop Vaati, and I met you in the woods. But it seems we won't be

breaking the curse on me anytime soon. However, with the sacred blade, we can

certainly restore Princess Zelda. I'm sorry. All that has happened has been

due to my own pride and joy. My folly. I must rely on you, on your power,

until we've put an end to Vaati.

(Ezlo jumps back onto Link's head)

Ezlo: Well, Link, enough fairy tales! We must search for the next element!

(After you reach Western Woods)

Ezlo: Eh? What a strange feeling. I sensed something from the castle's

direction. Or...was it just me?

(The screen fades and goes on the King of Hyrule by himself. Vaati appears.)

King: Hm? Who's there?!? What? Vaati! How did you get in here!?

(Vaati disappears and reappears next to the king.)

King: Uhn... What are you doing?!?

Vaati: Ah ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!

(The screen fades and appears at Hyrule Castle with the king, the princess'

stoned body, and the Minister. Then, some guards come up to the king.)

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