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Interests: Stargate, Paranormal, Astrology ect.. My hobbies are like Minerals, Crystal and fossil collecting. Oh and although I am not expert on constellations, I must say that whenever I can gaze up at the stars I try to let myself go and realise the scope of my life in comparison to the Universe. Films and Shows: The genre of films that I mainly like are Documentaries, SCI FI, War and Comedies for example on TV I enjoy watching shows like Stargate, but for a movie I might like a film like Bruce Almighty or 300. Music: Anything I like the sound of I'll listen to. I try to allow myself to listen to all forms of music but I must say that at this present time I mainly listen to Rock music. Books: Paranormal, Science fiction, conspiracy, Historical, Mythological.

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Stargate - The End of a Mortal Life

StargateUnity Blog

Theres only one MOD!

StargateUnity Blog

Stargate EaW
That MoD is truly amazing its completely changed Empire at War and brought the Stargate Universe to life! I admire the guys from the Stargate Modding Group alot they have given up alot of their free time for this project and are determined to perfect it. You just have to give them the respect that they deserve! They are about to release they're latest improvement to their mod. One that will be truly brilliant. The beauty of this is that i was planning to play this mod on it release however with my crapshack of a pc is being a pain so much so that i doubt i will be able to play it for a while >:S

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