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Lead game developer of the indie scifi action-rpg spacebreach!

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Spacebreach Creator

Are you a hands-on fighter pilot who is never shy of a good dogfight or do you prefer talking your way out of adverse situations and even persuade your opponent to join you in your own cause? Or, perhaps you like to stay in the background as a strategic mastermind and orchestrate entire fleets into massive battles who change the tide of an ongoing galactic war? Then again, you may be just an brilliant engineer who wants to be left alone and rather tinkers with engines to outpace adversaries. No matter your destiny, the gameplay gradually changes. But do achieve mastery in what you set your mind to or you may be too late.

Set in a isolated corner of our galaxy and far away from home, you are on a timed quest to return to Earth. Will you reach Earth in time and stop her mysterious fate? While even time and space seem to be bowing to your determination, one thing is but certain. At the end you will engage a massive alien armada heading towards Earth. It is you against 101 alien ships. Find allies or not. The choice is yours!

In Spacebreach you can the universe as a scientist, engage in fast-paced tactical dogfights, advanced as a trader in a real simulated economy or simply enjoy an RPG style adventure. Spacebreach has a unique RPG skill system with over 100 feats, an AI that is capable of learning from your manoeuvres and become stronger over time, and an simulated economy with prices driven by supply and demand and stock-markets!

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