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Founder and Lead Programmer of Gramsesh, LLC & CS Squared Games.

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As you may or may not know, we will be releasing Gremlin Invasion: Survivor within a matter of days. We're not breathing easy just yet though, we're in the final stages of internal beta testing to make sure the game is as solid as possible. In case you don't know what Gremlin Invasion: Survivor is, it's a co-op overhead action shooter where you play together in a survival-style mission to blast away hordes of gremlins that have come to take you out.

This game is in the same realm as our other game, Gremlin Invasion, which is still in production. However, we decided to slightly deviate from the production of Gremlin Invasion, which will be a single player campaign, and release a smaller co-op, survival-only style game in the meantime. I know every game developer says this about their game, but we really do play this game internally all the time. We're constantly discovering new ways to play and thinking of cool things to add to make the game even better.

With the release date only a couple days away, we're working at full speed to make sure it's as good as possible from day one. But that doesn't mean development is done after the release. We're going to continue releasing brand new maps with brand new enemies well after the game is released to make sure you always have something new to do.

Keep watching this blog or the game, Gremlin Invasion: Survivor, and make sure to check it out when it's released!

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