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The game is based on the book “Skies”, written by our smart team member Anton Paramonov. Several years ago he decided to enter a story contest and it was how this interesting journey started. In a year the book was finished and ready to make its mark in history. And so it happened. Anton met another Anton (a chief of Eforb company) and they decided to give life to this new challenging project.

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What new can be in dialogues?


Non-linear dialogues is something every player would dream about. But is it possible? Yes it is.

It is always interesting and surprising in RPG games to see the dialogues where the phrases depend on the gender and skills of the character. Such dialogues require deep working through, but they are worth doing it. The dialogues need to change throughout the game and depend on the character’s actions. It’s nice to know that you’re changing the world around you, the attitudes of characters and their lives. While developing the dialogue systems we need to think through character’s history as well as their relationship with one another. Different options are possible depending on your character’s skills and gender. It is very important for the depth of the world to use intelligence parameter of a certain character while creating phrases for them. If a character is stupid, he will use simple phrases. When they become smarter, the dialogues change. And when he becomes an specialist in some area, new quest options appear. Most modern games really lack such approach. All of this will be realised by Skies developers in our new project. Be prepared, an exciting adventure awaits you.

How the role system works


For balance of players and classification of their roles we developed our own role system on the basis of several successful and familiar role systems. There 6 basic features: Strength, Agility, Intelligence, Endurance, Luck and Technology. Each of them is responsible for parameters of the character and also for his active skills and abilities. Each parameter has 3 active skills, which a player can upgrade getting experience. Active parameters influence the effectiveness of players action, usage of different items, weapons, clothes, skills. For example, the use of cold or light weapons, heavy armor, skills of camouflage or survival in the desert, when the player can produce more meat from wild fowl. When a player has a high Oratory skill, he gets new abilities in dialogues where he can persuade opponent. On low levels, if a player can’t use light weapon properly, he will have difficulties in shooting enemy because of wide dispersionAbilities that depend on the major parameters also give the player various bonuses, such as new modes of using the weapon, which impact the character. However, the player receives such abilities not often, so it is necessary to consider which parameters of the character you should better develop. Passive abilities are improved with the repeated actions. They define how quickly the character can cope with the tasks such as production of something or repairing. When creating the role system we took into consideration the creation of multi-directional characters in order to raise the interest and provide complicated combinations in the team game. A character can also receive various injuries, bleedings, fractures which impact his game parameters too. Besides, the role system also takes into account the chances of getting injuries depending on the current character’s parameters.

A little bit about game atmosphere


Game atmosphere is one of the key factors. If anyone would ask me what atmosphere we’re trying to create, I would refer to the book “The SKIES”:“Desert… This word puts many in fear, reminds of emptiness and hunger, gives birth to anxiety. Any person is free in a desert but at the same time it rejects the person’s freedom as such. Who is not afraid of being left alone in a desert? Who is not afraid of standing in the middle of a burnt prairie and smiling to the wind that carries sands? For a wanderer desert means life – the life that he lives and protects. Freedom of thought and action makes you real and you don’t have to hide your real self anymore. You are here, you are now and you don’t care what others think of you. You must survive and take every opportunity to do that…”
“Desert is like school: at first it teaches you elementary things without which you won’t be able to live. Then you start helping it, give it a chance to feel protected and not so lonely. And it is grateful to you, it gives you signs which help you not to lose your way, not to get into a trap. Desert is as lonely as any wanderer roving in it is. But if you can communicate with it, if you want to become a part of it, then you become its guest and it makes you feel comfortable.”It is really great that we are working on the game having a book as a solig background… It gives understanding every designer, 3d modeler and animator what atmosphere should be like in the game. Can you imagine now how long was the way of the team to this project? Around 5 years ago was written the book… :) 1 year ago the team has gathered to bring this literal world into the game… and it took several months to finish the GDD and think over everything to every tiny detail… :) Excited? So we are! Let’s see what its going to turn into!

Why post-apocalypse?


This genre has become especially popular after the World War II, when the chances of humans’ annihilation by nuclear weapon had reached people’s consciousness. Certain segment of authors, artists and game developers choose this genre for their works even nowadays. Post-apoclyptic problem hasn’t left us indifferent as well. It’s not a surprise that besides nuclear weapon, humanity has also contributed to lots of other global problems, which might lead all of us to the brink of extinction one day… But, neither us not other creators develop their post-apocalyptic works just to remind everyone that we’ll die one day. Everyone has their own much deeper reasons and inspirations.
Since we’re creating the game based on the literal basis – the SKIES novel, written by our game designer, we’ve been curious to see what inspired him to create this post-apocalyptic world both on paper and as the game world manuscript. And here is what we’ve found.Post-apocalyptic life and conditions how we see them reveal people’s nature as it is and provides the background for writing the naked truth, sincere life stories. In such conditions people become real. While everything around changes dramatically, human beings stay as they are, with their own dreams and expectations, weaknesses and fears, temptations and sins. What makes The SKIES different is that it not only brings to our consciousness all the ugliness of post-apocalyptic tragedy or the science-fiction events, creatures, governments, weapons etc. as in most of the science-fiction stories which are still great on their own. In The SKIES the author places the emphasize on the people, their unique storylines, relationships, feelings, dreams, goals they are trying to achieve, their life paths, believes on the background of post-apocalyptic tragedy, ruins, wars, robbery, battles for the power, thus, finding the place to romanticism in this genre.
The MMORPG, thus, reflects this idea and atmosphere as well, both in the beautiful 3d art and animations of desert cities and in the self-developing game world with a complicated multi-level economic system which entirely depends on players’ actions, expanded interesting dialogues based on the game role system and non-linear storyline, combats, cities capturing, trading, clan wars and ability to choose your own place in this huge living world.

Hi IndieDB community!


Hey guys, welcome to our blog! We’re excited to present you our best and newest game. History of the game is very close to us, as a part of our team escaped from the real apocalypse, the real war.But despite different obstacles our game developers and designers gathered in Kiev to create it for you. We are young and bold and we strive to win all hearts. Of course, it’s not our first project, we made a lot of interesting, fun and thrilling games before, but now we are ready to show you a real masterpiece. It’s not flawless. The biggest problem is you can’t give it up. You know that proof of the pudding is in the eating. We promise you’ll see it soon. Follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest. We’ll provide you with the latest, first-hand news, media, design and of course the date regarding SKIES launch and development process directly from the creators’ source. Stay tuned!

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