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Shyrtexx :3 Hello, and thanks for visiting my page. I am 17 years old, I come from Finland and I'm a modder for Amnesia - The Dark Descent. Along with modding, my interests are philosophy, metal music and meeting new people. About metal music, my all time favourite band is the band by the guitar god himself: MEGADETH \../ I can also help new scripters with their Amnesia projects, if you need help just consider messaging me by using either Steam or Discord ^^ My discord is Shyrtexx#9666 My steam is Shyrtex Have a nice day, Shyrtexx

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Mod Anniversary Remasters

Shyrtexx Blog

Hello everyone, this is a little blog I just decided to write. So as you all know, I have two previously released mods along with my in-development Conquest of Life.

As they both will reach their first anniversaries this year, I will make and upload remastered versions of both mods. They will appear on the days they got released last year, meaning that remastered Orion will appear the first of July and The Chosen Ones the fifth of September. I will probably make a new modpage for both of them.

But what will the remasters have?

Orion will be totally re-designed mansionwise. Concaves will be added. All the previously locked doors will be unlocked, and this is true for the other maps too. Detailing of the last three maps will be a lot greater, bugs and glitches will be removed. Side quests will be added. And the most important thing- all of the notes will be entirely rewritten. That is probably the biggest thing to do, but I can not personally stand how awful my grammar and writing was back then. I think the storyline is the biggest reason why the score is as low as it is now. The puzzles and other events will be totally re-scripted, mementos and other .lang file texts will be rewritten. Third ending will be added.

The Chosen Ones will be totally re-designed as well. More events might be added, hidden books re-hidden and more of them added, a storyline will be written, the original easter egg I planned will be there, bugs and glitches will be fixed, detailing of maps will be a lot better, scripts will be remade, last map TOTALLY remade for obvious reasons. All the previously locked areas will be unlocked.

I hope that you'll be looking for the mods, as they add a lot of replayability for the previous, mediocre creations.

Thank you for reading, Shyrtexx


Shyrtexx Blog


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Road to play all mods

Shyrtexx Blog

Hi all readers if there's any,

I have decided to write this blog about this small idea I got today. Basically, what I'm thinking of is that I will play every single mod available, every non-officially released, demo, full version, everything and leave my opinions of the said mod here. I'm not sure how long it will take, but I know that LONG! I will write opinions of all mods here. Please also note that I am starting of lowest rated mods, so there will be a lot of scores between 1-5/10 incoming. I am not hating on stuff on purpose, just expressing my thoughts since every mod deserves to be played.

Small surprise incoming

Shyrtexx Blog

What could it be? If you're sharp, you might find it out easily. Something new, something unexcepted and surprising. And something better. Keep your eyes open ;)

Random facts about my mods

Shyrtexx Blog

Hello everyone, this is a blog about random facts of my two mods I've released on the page. I'm writing this due to my ultra boredom at the school xD

Let's start. Bold facts will be about The Chosen Ones while normal text is about Orion.

1. According to gameplays and comments and what I've heard, no one has found the secret note from the first map.

2. The Chosen Ones has two maps from Orion. They also cover the same usage aswell- cellar is the same in the both maps with very few actual changes. Second Floor from Orion is Study in The Chosen Ones, but the Second Floor was originally planned to be Study aswell. It didn't however make sense to have a "Study" which is larger than the main section of the small mansion, so it was changed to "Second Floor".

3. The "What broke down the door?" encounter in the second floor can be ignored by walking around the area it's supposed to be executed. That doesn't affect the gameplay or endings or anything anyhow.

4. Only changes in the cellar level was a removal of few notes, added planks and added key. Otherwise, the map is excatly the same.

5. The first map is named "NewStoryMap1". It was chosen due to me giving up on my current project on that time, and thus giving it that name.

6. The chronologically last map, Quarters, is my first Amnesia map which I've ever made.

7. This is nothing positive, but the notes in Orion were all written in 15 minutes. I've still gotten few positive comments about the notes though xD

8. The Chosen Ones was originally supposed to have a storyline. It was about mystical creatures called "Nightscalpers", but the story I wrote made absolutely no sense and I scrapped it, thus turning the mod into gameplay oriented, rather than story oriented.

9. The last map on Orion, the "dungeon", is called "Puzzlesjihnge". The name makes no sense, and it was written by randomly pressing some keys on keyboard after writing the "Puzzle", due to not having time to name it after making the map.

10. Along with storyline, the mod was supposed to have an easter egg. Due to that, there is an empty pedestal on the Library map. You were supposed to put something there, but I eventually scrapped it aswell, due to having an easter egg without proper story would've made no sense.

11. The element puzzle on the last map was inspired by one of my favourite custom stories, "Five Magics".

12. The Chosen Ones also was supposed to have at least three endings. "A coward's ending" would've been that you simply escape from the mansion. "Good brother- ending" was that you save your Brother from Nightscalpers (this is related to the story I mentioned before) and get out, and a "Nightscalper ending" was that you both die.

13. No one has figured how to get the good ending, at least yet. There is a comment By me on the site which explains how to get it. The ending was made easier to achieve on the later version.

14. There is a way to start a brute chase when you're supposed to leave the mansion, in the main area. No one has found it yet.

My Custom Story Recommendations

Shyrtexx Blog

There are plenty of different custom stories to pick. However, if you're not sure what you want to play, then you might wanna take a look at these. Just note that this is just my opinion :)

Mod #1: Simulacrum

Creator: ʟogan

This has to be one of the best mods in the past two years here. Simulacrum offers the player one of the best level designs in Amnesia history among with excellent scares, storyline and puzzles. One of my top picks for sure, and this is a custom story I can recommend for everyone. This mod is currently in the first place of my all-time favourite stories. My score: 10

Download "Simulacrum" from here: Moddb.com

Mod #2: A Coward's Debt

Creator: Damascus7

A Coward's Debt offers the player the true definition of horror, terror, pressure and scare factor. The mod succeeds with the plot, brilliant level design and a little challenging puzzles. Another recommendation for everyone- especially for those who are looking for a story to get scared. My score: 10

Download "A Coward's Debt" from here: Moddb.com

Mod #3: Extraction Point

Creator: KrustiClawn

Extraction Point is one of the best mods in the whole site in my opinion. At some points the creativity it offered was so high that the mod didn't even feel like Amnesia. The protagonist wanders through big variety of different areas, solving puzzles and surviving different creatures suffering from a mysterious disease. This mod is excellent combination of all you want from a custom story. My score: 10

Download "Extraction Point" from here: Moddb.com

Mod #4: Five Magics

Creator: Slanderous

This custom story is currently in the second spot of my all time favourite custom stories. It is, like Extraction Point, a perfect blend of everything. It has excellent atmosphere, it's very similiar to "The Great Work"- mod and it's incredibly scary. The creativity in the story and in the puzzles are beyond imaginable. This mod is the most underrated in the site along with Extraction Point and I hope it will get a bit better reputation in the community. My score: 10

Download "Five Magics" from here: Moddb.com

Mod #5: Ambition, Verlonerer ch. 1 & 2

Creator: OddStuff

Ignore the score in this- this custom story is a fun little story to play. It is located in an abandoned mine, and it has scare factor similiar to no other. Though when compared to some other mods, it might seem weak but in my opinion, it was very good. My Score: 7

Download "Ambition" from here: Moddb.com

Both of the Verlonerers offer an amazing basic Amnesia experience.

Mod #6: Detorcium

Creator: Jane18CZ

Detorcium is one of the most basic mods in this list. Basic- on a great way! This mod is very long with excellent atmosphere, great puzzles and scary scare factor. It's basic all the way, and is a must-play for all the Amnesia fans. My Score: 10

Download "Detorcium" from here: Moddb.com

Mod #7: SDP

Creator: Darkfire_Productions

Secret Darkwood Project is another very unique mod, having it's story build around a mummy called Unelias. SDP offers the player a lot of unique puzzles, intensive chase situations and a never-before seen potion crafting system. The mod was very creative, and overall- excellent! My Score: 9

Download "SDP" from here: Moddb.com

Mod #8: Verlorener, chapter 1 & 2

Creator: OddStuff

Another two great mods by this creator. OddStuff amazingly manages to make interesting mods from basic Amnesia assets, even in 2018. Overall, both of the Verloreners are all-around good custom stories which I can recommend to everyone. They have well-made level designs, ch. 1 was more story-based and ch. 2 was more atmosphere/scare oriented. Overall, both of these mods are enjoyable and I recommend them My scores: ch. 1, 6 and ch. 2, 8

Download Chapter 1 from here: Moddb.com

Download Chapter 2 from here: Moddb.com

Mod #9: You will never return

Creator: umbakarna

This might be the funniest CS I've played. It is filled with creativity, ideas and colors. It also has a humour in it! This is truly a masterpiece which I enjoyed a lot. My Score: 10

Download "You will never return" from here: Moddb.com

That was all so far. I will update the list the more I play.

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