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We'd like to start off by mentioning that we're a two man team both with full time jobs. We've been making games for some time now but, never releasing anything. That thing we all suffer from perfection, had gripped us for a long time. Until after many lessons learn't and a lot of trial and error, we mustered up the confidence and dedication to finally release our first game on Steam Early Access, STAR SHREDDERS. It feels great to finally have this project out there in the world for all to see and play! Not holding onto it and hiding it away from everyone. Our main goal now, is to see this game till the end with a full launch. We want to work along with all players and developers to help this game reach it full potential, as sometimes we can all forget who we're really making games for, not ourselves but players! Sharkbowl Team :)

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Sharkbowl Games

Sharkbowl Games

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We make games that resonate with our player side. We are appreciators of the culture first and this speaks with our work as we aim to give every player...