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A business development specialist with legal training and experience in publishing & communication.

Co-founder of Snowball Studios, one of the first game developers and publishers in Russia (1996-2010, sold to 1C-SoftClub). Co-founder of Snowberry Connection, the first Russia-based indie games production fund. Founder of Charlie Oscar (2013-). Most likely will create more companies in the future ;).

Loom, Future Wars, Star Control 2, Wing Commander, Battle Isle, Incubation, Spellcross, Another World and King's Bounty (from NWC) are what shaped me as a player. Turn-based strategies still make me happy (Advance Wars).

Currently working from the beautiful Old Town of Vilnius (Lithuania) on Gremlins, Inc. - a new Steampunk IP about corruption, politics, etc.

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Charlie Oscar

Charlie Oscar

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A distributed team of games industry professionals creating original entertainment IPs. 2013-2015: #Gremlins_Inc (video game, card game).

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