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I make games.

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For some reason I've lost the ability to create new and update existing games on IndieDB.

If you want to continue to follow me and play my games, drop by my itch or Gamejolt pages.



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My Xbox 360 died last weekend so I bought a used one from a local store and this is what the previous owner had cal… T.co

Jul 12 2023

RT @FortunaFavore: It always rains as soon as I've finished watering 😭 T.co

Jul 12 2023

RT @GenGains22134: Gotta make a commitment. #jenalisecomics (1/3) Thank you @PunchingWay_ @LinkOlaran for being in this with me :3… T.co

Jul 11 2023

RT @FortunaFavore: Seeker of the Sun Miqo'te every night: T.co

Jul 11 2023

RT @FortunaFavore: T.co

Jul 10 2023

RT @GenGains22134: A sudden friendship (takes place in Jenalise's original universe). Part 1. (1/5) #miqote #hyur #GPOSERT.co

Jul 9 2023

RT @FortunaFavore: I'm usually out of the loop on all the drama and that's by design! Here's the steps I take to make my Twitter feed… T.co

Jul 6 2023

RT @SerisAllesina: So, anyone remember that part of Post-SB where we decide to make a deal with Lolorito and let him profit of the Ala… T.co

Jul 4 2023