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I make games.

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For some reason I've lost the ability to create new and update existing games on IndieDB.

If you want to continue to follow me and play my games, drop by my itch or Gamejolt pages.



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Latest tweets from @sebastianscaini

RT @junieberrylatte: Friendly and playful pre-battle banter between an heiress and her dragoon. Redid the shots with her as a cat now… T.co

3hours ago

RT @junieberrylatte: Time for a Change Pt 1/6 "Juniper's past has come back to haunt her. She makes a bold decision in hopes to keep he… T.co

7hours ago

RT @FortunaFavore: 🍇 You can now get my raisins at The Frog Pond! 🍇 Shirogane, Ward 10 Plot 40, Adamantoise Open every Friday, Satur… T.co

Sep 24 2022

RT @DoctorAbrichter: Don't test her. Something simple for the day. T.co

Sep 24 2022

RT @kiapurity: that was supposed to read "a whole lotta pain" go me T.co T.co

Sep 23 2022

RT @GearboxJobs: Gearbox is looking for an experienced Human Resources Information Systems Analyst! 👩‍💼 This role will support and… T.co

Sep 23 2022

RT @10thSonFFXIV: kiht'tan put that thing down you're going to hurt somebody T.co

Sep 22 2022

With #FFXIVQuestMaker done I think I'm all out of ideas for screenshots editing tools. If anyone has any specific… T.co

Sep 22 2022

RT @nephelush: @FortunaFavore 😘 T.co

Sep 22 2022

I just released a big update that let's you choose between side, blue and main quests as well as add images for loo… T.co

Sep 22 2022