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Born in 1987 in Corrientes, Argentina, and currently living too, I have a special orientation towards helping my team get to their goal, this most of the times, on my path so far, meant help them know what to do next, sometimes know how to, and facilitate communications. My focus are projects in the video game industry, but not of a genre in particular. I also have special feelings in this like that of delivering a great experience to players where they inmerse themselves playing and having fun. Im self motivated and have worked remotely since the beginning with people from all over the world, not only as a Project Manager / Producer, but started as a software developer, lead game designer, and UX Designer. Those positions gave me the opportunity to have a general idea of how to work around common issues in creative projects from this industry and also get a nice grasp of Project Management. Feel free to contact me for any reason.

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Its a great framework and has the best performance of all other frameworks and engines out there, pretty much.
Its bad things are that it doesnt have HotSwap when using Gradle, it doesnt have Windows Mobile build (or at least i dont know about it) and some others, but in general its as powerful as any other engine/framework and most of the times better.

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