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Men; i'm really thinking seriously of make a game; but i need 3 things; the system; the time; and the story or ideas for it; i have the last part; to much characters in my headcharacters of all kind; storys of all kind; and i think that write them is just not enough... But ok; first things first; get the program at least for an RPG or something for a good start and go from there to another ideas; but well; as i see; to much of you really know how to make a really good game; there's this guy from Dark Gaia Productions that i admire to much for his works on One Night saga; he made one of the most cool Classic-style Survival Horror that i've seen; and to much that i whant to have the pleasure to meet and talk with them; but that in the mean time; for now; let's learn from them and go by there... I dunno if somebody gonna read this; but i'm gonna put all of myself to create good games... Or; at least; flash animations XD Thank's for reading and if you don't no prblm :3

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