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ReeCeDoW Blog

So It has been a good few years since I've accessed this site, and I'm planning on coming back and reivewing some games that the some indie and new developers have made, previously I did review some games, giving it the full game play then my opinion. But now I've finally decided on how I should do this series again;

10 minutes of gameplay, split the game into 3 sections: Story, Mechanics within the game, characters, where I'll be commenting in these 3 sections that should take 5 minutes max.

So if there is any developer who wants me to reivew their game, please message me, and I'll check the game out (I will not buy the game if its on steam/origin, if you want me to review it, I will need a copy of the game/a demo - would prefer a demo really) I'll post the video on the page, and I'll be posting a small review along with it.

No outstanding game

ReeCeDoW Blog

Hey there guys my name is ReeCeDoW, and i thought i'd post this to say I haven't really found any outstanding horror game to play, and i'm really getting annoyed that I can't find any new game, so its really me moaning right now ha, but I'll continue my search for a good game, but I'll need a lot of help to find something really decent.


Final Warrior Quest: Demo

ReeCeDoW Blog

So hey everyone, It's ReeCeDoW again, thought I'd say that there's a demo that's really great to play, if you havent seen it look at the video's I've made, It's a pretty good game and i hope everyone enjoys it!
There's another game that should be up very soon but I'll be waiting for my internet to fix its self before I post it, so I hope you all enjoy the newest videos!


Want a Game Review?

ReeCeDoW Blog

So hey everyone, I've been looking around and seeing there's a lot of games, infact far too much for me to look at every single little one, so IF you want me to, give me a link to a game on this that people want to see me review and I'll post a video within 24-48 hours.

- Reece


Little about my self.

ReeCeDoW Blog

So I'm Reece, I'll basically be looking at some games (Horror/good games), and I'll be posting my responce on youtube giving the link to the video, I will always give my opinion after every video, so don't worry if you are unsure about what i think. I will always give idea's on how to improve the game if needed, but so far the games that have appealed to me that i've liked has not needed much improvement.

If you wanna check my videos out click here: Youtube.com

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